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Centre for Landscape


Centre for Landscape

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

We examine and advance understandings of the complex interactions between people and landscapes.

Pushing boundaries in thinking about landscapes

Our University research community reaches across disciplines, groups and partnerships. Our inclusive approach helps us to instigate and respond to novel areas of future research. We aim to:

  • address global challenges in landscape studies
  • enable international excellence in landscape research
  • foster development of transdisciplinary teams and future research leaders
  • push boundaries in thinking about integrative and holistic concepts of landscape
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Why a Newcastle University Centre for Landscape?

  • There are landscape researchers in all Faculties at Newcastle University. We enable new opportunities to build novel collaborations and advance transdisciplinary expertise. We provide opportunities for interaction with other research groups and centres.
  • Newcastle University is a global leader in landscape research. We have an international reputation for peer reviewed publications and editing notable journals. Around 15 principal investigators currently collaborate through our McCord Centre for Landscape.
  • UK Research and Innovation, the European Commission and other funders support our projects. These are valued at more than £10m, with more than 40 collaborations in 20 countries. We are fully cross-disciplinary, while incorporating the Humanities-focussed McCord Centre.
  • We engage with landscape policy and practice through our research, expert advice and other activities. We provide science policy briefings, working on projects that directly feed into policy-makers’ decisions and engaging with expert and practitioner associations. We provide evidence and guidance for government bodiesin the UK and internationally. We are actively involved in promoting landscape approaches through:
    • the implementation of the European Landscape Convention
    • global research on sustainable development
    • expert advice and research at all levels of UK government and through government agencies
  • We are an international hub for postdoctoral research and training in landscape. Prestigious fellowships are supported by the European Commission's Marie Sklodowska Curie Awards, the British Academy, the Leverhlume Trust and other funders including Newcastle University's 'Academic Track' fellowships. There are currently more than 30 postdoctoral fellows and RAs working in landscape research. We aim to provide a strong framework and identity for early career researchers in landscape including co-ordinated training, mentoring and career development.

The Centre for Landscape:

  • brings together more than 50 Newcastle University researchers working on urban, rural and maritime landscapes. We provide opportunities to create new collaborations across the institution and beyond.
  • catalyses flexible transdisciplinary teams in response to specific challenges. Both our expertise and scale provides competitive advantages. Together, we bring together world-leading teams in response to specific research calls.
  • builds on existing UK and international partnerships, networks and memberships. We are open to new potential collaborations at all levels.

Our research goals

  1. Connect and accelerate landscape research across Newcastle University, working with key partners.
  2. Develop critical mass and build lasting international partnerships to enable globally excellent and relevant research outcomes.
  3. Influence policy and practice in the UK and internationally, which affects the current and future challenges facing landscapes.
  4. Create transdisciplinary, trans-sectoral teams to address complex problems, advance knowledge and engage with landscape issues and their communities.
  5. Recruit and train the best new researchers, enabling them to develop innovative theories, methods and solutions to landscape challenges.
  6. Achieve recognition and increased visibility as a world-leading landscape research centre.
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