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Centre for Mobility and Transport


Centre for Mobility and Transport

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

We're driving mobility and transport toward an inclusive, joined-up, healthier zero carbon future. We seek innovative solutions to global, national and regional challenges around movement of people and goods.

Multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable transport

We generate research outputs that address crucial challenges in relation to the:

  • mobility of people and goods
  • transport systems that underpin them
  • the impact that both of the above have on health and wellbeing

We do this using a novel cross-disciplinary approach.

We provide insight, innovation, experience, expertise and solutions from engineering and science.

In doing so, we incorporate the wider impact this has on society.

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Understanding the wider context

We focus on identifying a realistic and sustainable approach to add value for industry, government, place, and society.

We apply innovative multidisciplinary research approaches to the way people and goods move. We're working towards a better, more sustainable and healthier zero carbon world.

By understanding the wider context, this strategy offers us more clarity. We can better assess the pathways to, and mobility implications of, a net zero carbon society.

Our research aims and ethos

We recognise that science, engineering and technology on their own are not enough. We engage the end-user and society to co-create effective solutions together.

Transport thinking cannot take place in silos. We recognise there is a broad multidisciplinary area concerned with mobility.

We can break down silos by:

  • understanding the facilitators and barriers to mobility
  • looking at technology and innovative system design for solutions

Our cross-disciplinary research will help us transition to a zero carbon society.

Centre activity

The launch event, where the keynote speakers explain the vision for the Centre.

More from our launch event

More from our launch event, where we delivered the vision for the Centre's valuable work.

Our cross-disciplinary research themes

We work within the following three themes:

  • Pathways to decarbonisation
  • Technologies
  • Transport, society and place

These intertwined themes provide a platform for researchers from all three faculties.

This creates the added value sought after in the Centre’s mission.

A remote controlled bus operating in Finland.

Breadth of expertise

Newcastle University possesses a unique breadth of expertise in disciplines addressing transport challenges. The challenges encompass:

  • engineering and the underpinning science
  • design and use of technology
  • energy/transport nexus
  • policy and planning
  • advanced data analytics (machine learning, AI)
  • ageing
  • inequalities
  • organisation work and employment
  • health and wellbeing
  • multi-objective evaluation of schemes

We work closely with the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, the National Innovation Centre for Data and VOICE Global.

They relate to social, data and medical sciences. We can intertwine these disciplines to create a multi-faceted and integrated pathway. Few competitors have this scale of relevant expertise.

Major contributions so far

We have strong track record in transport-research, including:

  • pioneering work on EV charging demand (IUK, Nissan)
  • decarbonisation of transport

We'll build on this within areas of strength across all three faculties, including:

  • Open Lab
  • Newcastle University Business School
  • Centre for Rural Economy
  • National Innovation Centres for Ageing and Data
  • Urban Observatory
  • DER-IC
Electric cars concept of monitoring battery health.

Working with our other Centres of Research Excellence

We'll work with the Newcastle University Centres of Research Excellence, including Energy, Ageing and Inequality, Researching Cities and Healthier Lives. This will have a profound social, economic and health impact.

Linked to this is collaboration between our Centres, DER-IC and Zero Carbon Futures (ZCF), in:

  • identification of viable new technologies
  • expansion of battery manufacturing capability in the UK (e.g. gigafactories)
  • behavioural and charging infrastructure needs that will determine their uptake

Leadership team

Prof Phil Blythe (SAgE) is Director and visible lead of the centre supported by Co-Directors leading each of the three themes representing all faculties.

The current leadership reflects the science and engineering grounding of the Centre (Phil Blythe, Roberto Palacin, Mark Robinson). It's complemented with unique strength of relevant expertise at Newcastle in:

Once established, the NUCoRE leadership will come from the governance strategy being drawn by a steering group.

Representatives of the three faculties will make sure that relevant expertise and EDI principles are clearly present.

This will include a mentoring format where early career colleagues lead together with more senior members of our community.