Societal Challenge Themes

Societal Challenge Themes

Tackling society’s big challenges

Child in Nepal

Profound challenges confront societies in the UK and throughout the world, and they have brought an enhanced sense of purpose and focus to our research at Newcastle University.

Three over-arching themes bring together the principles of global interest, scientific expertise and public engagement to research work in the University.


We are a world leader in research into ageing, its causes, and its social and health consequences for you.

We were one of the first universities to recognise the importance of studying ageing and the impact created by an increasingly ageing population.

Social Renewal

Bringing together our research with a social purpose in the Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal, means we can respond to the challenges facing society today. We can make a difference to how individuals and communities thrive in times of rapid transformational change.


We coordinate research across traditional discipline boundaries to deliver practical, engaged solutions to real-world issues, with our Institute for Sustainability. Under the banner of 'Enough, for all, forever' we draw upon our areas of established research excellence and the experience of collaborating partners to make an internationally-leading contribution to the field of sustainability.