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Staff Profile

Dr Victoria Pagan

Victoria is Lecturer in Strategic Management at Newcastle University Business School. Before entering academia in 2011, she worked in commercial research and consultancy for the public sector, local government and non-departmental public bodies. Her research interest is focused on social interactions at the global level and the ways in which these influence the definitions of and responses to issues of sustainability and inequality in the world. Philanthropy is a key part of this. It is absolutely possible and appropriate to level criticism at some philanthropists for being defenders and perpetuators of the dominant socio-economic systems and structures. However, she holds that it is too simplistic to make assumptions about people based on their apparent dominance. There are significant tensions and dilemmas faced by people as they operate in different fields and how inequality may be addressed. Here interest is in how these play out in practice.

Personal web pages: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/business-school/staff/profile/victoriapagan