Checklist of Material to be made available to Students


It is not appropriate for the University to provide material for all students, because citation requirements do vary discipline by discipline.  There may also be professional issues in some cases which need to be drawn to the attention of students.

Therefore this guidance is provided in the form of a checklist.  However, sample degree programme handbook text is available which can be used and if necessary adapted by schools. The good practice guidance is also on public record and schools may make use of it.

This checklist was prepared by the plagiarism working group in 2007, and approved by UTLC in May 2007.  It will be subject to periodic review.


Schools should provide to their students:

  • guidance on their expectations of students in relation to good academic conduct and the rationale for these. This might be included in the Degree Programme Handbook (sample text available) or in a separate publication which should be referred to in the Handbook
  • a referencing guide which explains how students should cite in the relevant discipline or a link to other available material which provides the necessary information. This should cover all the scenarios students are likely to face: eg joint authors; verbatim quotation; websites; films and videos; newspapers and magazines; Acts of Parliament; journals; books; chapters in edited books
  • a note on what support will be provided in induction and in taught modules, so students know what to expect
  • reference to any particular professional requirements and the consequences of infringing these, as students must be made aware of any consequences their action may have beyond the University
  • reference to the Assessment Irregularities Procedure and where students can find more information about this.
  • links to other supporting material: eg central webpage; the on-line seminar