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Current Activities

Individual and joint projects/responsibilities:


Dr Attinello is currently working on  a monograph of music about AIDS, along with other projects outside the field of popular music

Drs Attinello & Knights are currently delivering various research papers on AIDS in the Willie Colón song 'El gran varón'  and an edited volume, Sounds of the Slayer: Music and Silence in Buffy and Angel, on music in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer to be published by Ashgate.

Dr Biddle is currently completing two articles, one on male intimacy in contemporary singer/songwriters and one on the cultural work of the singing voice.

Drs Biddle & Knights are currently co-editing a book for Ashgate on music, national identity and the politics of location featuring a chapter on China by Dr Smith. In April 2005 they co-presented another paper on this work to the annual conference of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland in Valencia, Spain. With the support of NIASSH  (Newcastle Institute for the Arts, Socials Sciences and Humanities, they co-organised the first International Conference of Popular Musics of the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds  and the ˇVAMOS! Latin and Lusophone festival (July 2006) in conjunction with Nik Barrera and Andrew Dixon (NAME) and Jill Bennison (Blue Sky Events). 

Professor Cross is  is currently working on Flora Tristan’s correspondence and her use of song in her socialist campaign of the early 1840s. She has a chapter forthcoming on this topic in a study of fraternalism and gender.

Dr Dauncey is currently working on a number of collaborative projects with Dr Philippe Le Guern of the Université d'Angers/CNRS, including edited volumes on French popular music and the study of popular music in France and Great Britain, and a comparative study of independent record labels.

Dr de Jong has been awarded a Fulbright grant to conduct research in South Africa, where she will edit a book on the trans-Atlantic ties connecting the Caribbean and the United States to Africa. Her research will focus on the specific musical styles of mbaqanga (a jazz-inspired music form indigenous to South Africa) and soukous (a Congolese music style with Afro-Cuban roots influencing the contemporary South African dance music of today), introducing them as models for showing multidirectional flows of culture across the Atlantic. She is also working on articles on Jazz as cultural representation, race, class and music, war and music in Curaçao.

Richard Elliott is working on the completion of his PhD thesis and preparing articles based on his  fado and nueva canción research. He is also working on aspects of Music and/as Event with an eye towards future publication.

Dr Fernández-Toro is working on a paper on attitudes to Guarani and Spanish in Paraguayan song.

Dr Iyer  is currently preparing two papers for publication, the first on free improvisation and the new and the second on music, autobiography and the past.

Dr Knights is currently working on articles on the bolero as a globalised form and  Nuyorican identity politics in popular music and poetry, She is also  preparing a book proposal for Macmillan and is working on a project with Colorado State University on music and literature funded for two years by a British Academy Joint Activity grant.

Professor Middleton is contracted for a monograph on John Lennon (Polity) and has just finished writing a study of voicing the popular published by Routledge (2006 ).

Dr Plastino is currently writing a new single-authored book for Routledge on music, violence and crime in Calabria (Southern Italy) , a book on world music and globalization for Carocci and will co-edit a special issue of Popular Music on Italian popular music. Popular music will continue to be incorporated into the music research seminar series co-ordinated by Dr Plastino. He organised an ethnomusicology film festival in 2006, and is organiser for the forthcoming annual conference of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology, to be held in Newcastle in April 2007.

Professor Powrie is currently working on  a commissioned article on the meanings of Paolo Conte's song 'Sparring Partner' in Francois Ozon's film 5x2. He hopes to write a volume on music in French cinema.

Dr Oliart is currently working on music and  racial relations in Peru including the cholo divas and modern manifestations of the huayno.

Dr Smith is currently exploring the question of competing ownerships and representations of regional music, identity and culture in Chinese Central Asia (Xinjiang) - specifically a comparison of 1) Arken, the Uyghur 'Guitar King', whose Uyghur folk-flamenco fusion aligns the modern Uyghurs with both Uyghur tradition and Western (rather than Chinese) culture and 2) Dao Lang, Xin Xinjiangren ('New Xinjiang-er'), a recent Han Chinese immigrant to Xinjiang from Sichuan, whose rock versions of Wang Luobin's Uyghur folksongs represent and reinforce the Chinese ideal of a united, multi-ethnic nation of which Xinjiang is an integral part. Dr Smith is also currently editing the volume Situating the Uyghurs Between China and Central Asia with Ildiko Beller-Hann, Cristina Cesaro and Rachel Harris, which will include a chapter on Uyghur and Central Asian Maqam musical traditions from a comparative perspective.

Group projects: