Fine Art Research

Research in Fine Art at Newcastle includes theoretical and practice-led research in Fine Art, Art History, Curatorship and Digital Cultures. 

Our reputation is built on world-leading research, disseminated nationally and internationally in the form of exhibitions, installations, interventions, books and other publications. Much of our practice-led research, which includes painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, performance, film, moving image and video, photography, sound, digital media, installation and socially-engaged practice, takes place in the international arena.

We actively promote visual art generated at the nexus of established and new practices, technologies and methodologies as well as cross-disciplinary collaboration. The unit’s strategy also involves inviting researchers into the unit to work alongside us – artist-fellows, Early Career Fellows and other researchers on short-term projects – Lipman Fellows in Ceramics and Bartlett Fellows for example, facilitating their research. To this end, we have a firm commitment to supporting research around the full range of traditional, contemporary and emerging studio-based art practices, along with the associated theoretical and historical discourses. We aspire to enrich research territory with work that tests established boundaries and methodologies.

The vitality of our research environment stems from the diversity of our research projects (often supported by UK Research Council awards); from collaborative to lone-scholar research; from regular events and seminars presented under the umbrella of our research fora - for example the interdisciplinary creative practice/research event Connecting Principle, and our Visiting Speaker Programme; and from a culture enlivened and enriched by the presence of some 25 practice-based PhD research students who have established art practices of their own. The PhD cohort, most of whom are funded through the Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership, also includes CDA and CDP projects conducted with our external partner organisations.

We are also aligned with the University’s research institutes and initiatives, for example the Institute for Creative Arts Practice, which provides a framework for developing and supporting cross-disciplinary practice-led research for all creative practitioners across the University. This includes those working in: Film-making, Creative Writing, Architecture, Fine Art, Curatorial Practice, Drama & Theatre studies, Performance, Music: Composition & Performance, Digital Cultures, Multi-media Communication, and Creative Business and Enterprise.

Artistic Research

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