BA and MFA Degree Exhibitions

Both the Undergraduate BA and Postgraduate MFA exhibitions are highly regarded events and are some of the most popular in Newcastle's exhibitions calendar. The aspiration to excel motivates our students to work together as well-organised groups throughout their final year, arranging fundraising events such as the annual Postcard auction, sponsorship, publicity and an extremely well-attended opening preview night. 

The students take responsibility for all of the design and production of their own publicity material, producing catalogues, posters, invitations, press releases and web pages. This is seen as all part of their professional training.

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What always impresses is the way that Fine Art licences individual research and expression, yet also breeds alertness to cultural shifts, contemporary issues, global concerns. This is not ivory tower art, it is stuff made in a vibrant city.

Prof. Frances Spalding

The work of our postgraduate students is on show during our Master of Fine Art degree show, which is typically held in August. You can take a look at the work on show at our recent degree shows here:

We also have an archive site for all of our past degree shows called the FineArtForum