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Research Degrees

Research Degrees


Our PhD and MPhil degrees give you the opportunity to do substantial research in the field of media, culture, heritage or a related area. You'll have the support of an academic supervisory team.

Our MPhil and PhD programmes have an emphasis on originality, creativity and passion. They're designed to provide a rich and fulfilling postgraduate experience.

You'll be part of a leading, interdisciplinary and international community of scholars. Central to that experience is the expertise and commitment of the leading academics.

The supervisory team offer exciting and stimulating engagement with some of the most contemporary, significant and influential areas of study.

Find out more about your research activities and training, and options for thesis or creative practice.

Our degrees

We offer a range of research opportunities in the fields of media, culture and heritage:

Research Activities & Training

As a research student in media, culture, heritage you will become part of a vibrant learning community. You'll do a range of activities, and have the chance to collaborate and get training.

Our postgraduate students are recognized as part of the next generation of academics. With this in mind, we ensure that your skills are cultivated and enhanced to reach their maximum potential.

You will have the opportunity during your studies to:

  • present papers at conferences
  • write articles for academic journals
  • contribute articles to edited collections and other publications
  • design and deliver lectures
  • host undergraduate and postgraduate seminars

You can also contribute to the following facilities, groupings, and centres of research excellence at Newcastle University:


You will receive discipline-specific training through the supervision process. We also organise a series of other activities.

The International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies organises an annual research student conference and a regular research seminar series. These offer the opportunity for you to present your work and network with a diverse community of researchers and practitioners.

The University runs a Postgraduate Research Training Programme for all research students.

Doctoral researchers can access specialised training opportunities. This includes summer and winter schools organised by the Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership.


You'll be allocated a supervisory team of at least two academics. They will support you through your studies.

Research students often want to work with specific academics because of their individual expertise.

To make sure you're placed with an appropriate supervisor, you should indicate on your application if you would like to work with a particular member of staff.

Our postgraduate team will aim to match you with your preferred choice of supervisor. They may also recommend other colleagues whose expertise will complement and enhance your research based on the content of your proposal.

We'll let you know our proposed supervisory team when we make our offer to you. You'll then have a chance to consider this before you accept our offer.

Take a look at the specialisms of our staff to make sure you work with supervisors who'll fit your research.

Thesis or Creative Practice

Some of our postgraduate courses require you to write a thesis. Others let you submit a body of creative work instead.

PhD or MPhil by thesis

Our research students follow a structured course of self-directed study. You'll have the support from a supervisory team of at least two academics from Media, Culture and Heritage. Academics from other Newcastle University units may join the team if the topic requires it.

Research study and empirical fieldwork leads to the submission of a written thesis. This is up to 100,000 words for PhD candidates, and up to 50,000 words for MPhil candidates.

Your thesis should make an original contribution to knowledge. The progress of your study is monitored through annual progress reviews.

PhD by Creative Practice

Media, Culture and Heritage also offer PhD by creative practice. You can do this for Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies, and for Media and Cultural Studies.

If you choose the creative practice route, you'll work towards a final submission of a substantial body of creative work. This work will be a recognisable contribution to the development of contemporary Media, Culture and Heritage practice.

The creative practice output is expected to demonstrate originality, and also coherence with a research-driven enquiry. There is flexibility in the format of the creative practice output, depending on the programme of choice.

The creative practice output is supported by a critical commentary of 20,000 to 50,000 words.

Creative Practice research students are supported by a supervisory team of at least two academics from Media, Culture and Heritage. Supervisors from outside this Subject Area may also join the supervisory team if the project requires it.

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