The group’s aim is to exchange ideas and develop a nuanced understanding of performances of prejudice and how these manifest themselves in community encounters with the legal, cultural and policy environments.

The group is always interested in hearing from those with research interests in the performance of songs, music, recordings, community narratives and cultural texts (broadly defined), particularly where they construct conflict between ethnic, religious or racial groups in the social life of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The recognition of the other (or lack thereof) is crucial to discourses and performance of prejudice, both for the principal narrative voice and real, virtual or imagined audiences. Performing Prejudice engages with methods across the arts and humanities, such as critical discourse analysis, performance studies, ethnomusicology, media analysis, sociological and socio-legal approaches. The group is supported by a research grant from Newcastle University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and has an active web forum. Further details of participants and research interests can be found here.