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We are a leading UK music department for research

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We are a leading UK music department for research with particular strengths in creative practice, cultural and critical musicology, and performance. Examples of the kinds of research we undertake in these categories can be found in individual staff profiles.

About ICMuS Research

Newcastle's distinctiveness stems in part from the plurality of traditions that we teach and research: contemporary, world, popular, folk, classical, and early musics, for instance. Approaches to research based on critical and cultural musicology as well as creative practice (composition, improvisation and performance) are paramount, and often blend in a research culture that also has a strongly interdisciplinary complexion (encompassing, for example, new historicism, philosophy, psychology, sociology, ritual studies, film and media studies, visual and sonic art). This rich research environment also colours our pursuit of analytical, historiographical, ethnographic and music-editorial methodologies.

The vitality of our research environment stems from the diversity of our research projects (often supported by UK Research Council grants or internal awards); from collaborative as well as lone-scholar research; from regular events and seminars presented under the umbrella of our research forum; and from a culture enlivened by the presence of some 50 postgraduate research students (more or less equally split between doctoral and masters programmes) who often collaborate with staff. A research ethos also informs our undergraduate teaching, so that the activities of undergraduate students also feed back into our research culture.

We are an outward facing department, engaging with organisations, groups and individuals both within academe and beyond it, at regional, national and international levels – click here to find out more. As part of our wider social role, we believe in sharing our research widely and freely; you can see (and download) some of the fruits of our research by visiting ICMuS Commons, Newcastle University’s e-prints service and the websites of individual staff and postgraduate researchers. ICMuS also hosts the journal Radical Musicology.

Our facilities include the extensive physical and online resources of the University’s Robinson Library, a substantial collection of musical instruments, and a set of state-of-the-art Music Studios located in a purpose-built £4.5M building, which is linked to Newcastle University Culture Lab – an interdisciplinary centre for digital practice-based research, which includes ICMuS researchers among its collaborators.