We offer extensive performing opportunities for students. We support many different kinds of activities, reflecting the all-embracing ideals of our musical interests.

The Performance Studies programmes at Newcastle are innovative and challenging, with an emphasis on combining first-class one-to-one tuition with carefully structured training in different kinds of collective performance, providing a solid basis for successful musical practice in the future.

At both undergraduate and postgraduate level, students get the chance to work alongside professional musicians and work towards performing in public as part of our programme of concerts, recitals and gigs throughout the academic year.

Our specialist and varied roster of performance tutors, experts in their craft, will help nurture your own performance skills through your individual and group lessons and in private practice.


Composition is one of the key areas in the research output of our staff.

We engage with experimental trends in Europe and the Americas, and other contemporary music practises from around the world. These approaches are also characterised by our shared interest in:

  • technologically-mediated creation and performance
  • improvisation and sound art
  • European classical and contemporary traditions
  • English and Scottish folk musics
  • Latin American contemporary and folk music traditions


Musicology at the International Centre for Music Studies is a large field of study, with more than half the academic staff engaging in research and teaching in this area.

Staff at the International Centre for Music Studies teach and research in a number of periods, including: medieval, early modern, the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. They also teach and research across a range of geo-political contexts and regional, national and transnational traditions, including Western Europe (Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy), North America, Latin America, Africa (Tunisia, South Africa and the Congos) and the Caribbean.

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