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Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh

Degree Title: BMus (Hons) in Folk and Traditional Music
Year of Graduation: 2009
Occupation: Professional Musician

About Dan

Undergraduate degree

The degree was an amazing opportunity to spend four years in the company of superbly talented musicians in the field of folk music, something which I had never really experienced in my hometown. There was also great opportunity for performing and for networking with useful professional contacts, which was a huge motivation for joining the course. I was also grateful to be able to study academic areas of music such as ethnomusicology and cultural theory and to learn about all different styles of music in addition to such an in depth study of folk music.

After graduating

My main source of income is as a performer both solo and in a duo called Walsh and Pound with harmonica player Will Pound. I also perform with the Dan Walsh Band as well as less regular appearances with singer Kathryn Davidson, fiddler/singer Christi Andropolis and spoken word writer Amy Mackelden. I perform at venues ranging from festivals, folk clubs, theatres and arts centres to pubs and occasional functions. In addition to my performing I have recorded two albums and am currently recording a third, and also teach banjo, guitar and bodhran privately and have performed in educational projects in London, including at the Barbican.

How your degree prepared you for your career

In terms of contacts, the degree was an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of very useful people and to gain excellent advice on how to advance a professional music career. As a musician, the degree also helped me to improve vastly in terms of both widening my range of genres and in terms of general musicianship.