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Alexander Dawson

Alexander Dawson

Degree Title: BA (Hons) in Music
Year of Graduation: 2012
Post-Graduation Qualifications: Master of Music in Solo Performance on Tuba at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester
Occupation: Postgraduate Performance Student

About Alexander

Undergraduate degree

Being a member of the Music Department at Newcastle University gave me the opportunity to meet and work with other musicians from all walks of life. I learnt so much from those I met, teachers and students, and got to experience so much from my exposure to this intense atmosphere.

After graduating

I have gone straight from undergraduate study at Newcastle to the Royal Northern College of Music, to study for two-years towards an MMus in Solo Performance on Tuba with Robin Haggart of the RLPO. At the RNCM I get to build upon my performance studies at Newcastle in a very intense and competitive conservatoire setting for which I don’t think I would have been prepared had I not spent three years doing my undergrad first. But with the background I now have I am pushed harder than ever to master my instrument.

How your degree prepared you for your career

Primarily, my music degree gave me a thorough grounding in the more academic aspects of music; history, analysis and composition, alongside the opportunity to develop as a player within the vibrant performance atmosphere of the music department. I changed so much in my time at Newcastle and left feeling a much stronger, more confident person. Whilst I did mature musically, I’m almost more proud of how I grew individually and it was thanks to the friendly, supportive environment of ICMuS that I turned out the way I have.

Advice for a 16-18 year old considering a music degree

Get involved with as many, varied, ensembles as possible, no matter what instrument you play. The experience gained from group playing can't be got anywhere else, and it will improve your solo technique as well. Also, just try to be interested in different musics and cultures, and be open minded about them. There's so much to learn out there and having an open attitude to them helps so much to prepare you for studying music.”