School of Arts and Cultures

Barney Knibb

Barney Knibb

Degree Title: BMus (Hons) with Year Abroad
Year of Graduation: 2008
Post-Graduation Qualifications: GDL (Graduate Diploma of Law), BPP College London
Occupation: Project Manager, Brightsource

About Barney

Undergraduate degree

I thought that the knowledge and expertise of the staff was a big positive. The facilities were also very appealing, the highlight being the 9ft Steinway concert grand in the King’s Hall.

After graduating

I work for a marketing services company, running high volume print production projects. My day-to-day work typically requires coordinating the actions of numerous third party suppliers to ensure that projects run to schedule and result in high quality end products.

How your degree prepared you for your career

The combination of creative and practical experience gives a solid grounding for many professional career paths. Furthermore, some modules are very intellectually stimulating and require students to develop strong problem-solving skills.

Advice for a 16-18 year old considering a music degree

Generally, I’d say go for it. If you plan to be a music teacher or an academic then no real advice from me. However, if you want to give yourself the option of a career outside music, make sure you play an instrument and focus your primary efforts on performance: having the ability to perform for the final grades of your degree will give you all kinds of confidence when it comes to presenting in a business environment in years to come.