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Dr. Eleanor Giraud

Graduated: 2009, BMus Hons with Year Abroad

Now working: Lecturer in Ritual Chant and Song, University of Limerick, Ireland

The best things about ICMuS: “The open minded attitude of the lecturers, welcoming and embracing all forms of music.

"I really valued this broad outlook which permeated the whole programme, challenging students to engage with a number of different genres, periods and approaches to music.

"Encountering early music for the first time at Newcastle has had a lasting impact on me. I loved my year in France where both the language and the different perspectives on music have been invaluable to me in the years since.

"My time at ICMuS definitely shaped the direction I have taken professionally: I could not have predicted that, a decade on, I would be teaching my own version of the ‘Music and Liturgy’ course that got me ‘hooked’ on early music in the first place.”

Dr. Eleanor Giraud