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Larry Zazzo as Julius Caesar in Handel's Giulio Cesare

Larry Zazzo as Julius Caesar in Handel's Giulio Cesare

26 June 2020

ICMuS Lecturer, Head of Performance, and internationally renowned countertenor Larry Zazzo was given another opportunity to explore an opera he has performed in opera houses throughout the world: Handel's 1725 Giulio Cesare, in a witty and highly-choreographed  production by Daniel Herzog. 

'From the outset, [Zazzo] gives us a dazzling "Presti omai", unpredictably eventful and rich in dynamic contrast. The same febrile inventiveness electrifyingly animates the Da Capo of "Va tacito e nascosto" and the vocalizations of "Al lampo dell'armi", taken at an extremely fast tempo with a conquering rage. Zazzo takes to heart the role of hammy Latin lover  ("Se in fiorito", "Bello / Bella"), but he also gives us "Aure, deh, per pietà" in a version at the same time more carnal and more poetic than we have ever heard, a visceral interpretation with a simultaneously overwhelming delicacy. Such a lesson of bel canto is priceless and deserves nothing less than the almost perfect setting of the Staatskapelle, under the refined and refined impulse of Alessandro De Marchi.’  Forum Opera

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