Newcastle New Music was the third commercially produced CD to come out of ICMuS (following two albums of Indian Music by Vijay Rajput and Shahbaz Hussain). Newcastle New Music contains works written by current or former members of ICMuS of staff and three the Department’s doctoral graduates. The performers are Mr McFall’s Chamber, Scotland’s ground-breaking group of virtuosi chamber musicians.

Kathryn Tickell, iconic figure of Northumbrian music and a lecturer on the Folk and Traditional Music degree, provides the opening track Lordenshaws, a work she wrote to a commission from Royal Northern Sinfonia and was first performed by members of this orchestra in Newcastle in 2000. Tickell herself plays the Northumbrian pipes, and Peter Tickell is guest violinist.

Tim Garland, a world leader in jazz performance and composition, is represented by his In Translation, which was co-commissioned by Mr McFall’s Chamber and was premièred by this ensemble in Edinburgh in 2007. The piece is for bass clarinet and piano quintet, featuring the composer on the bass clarinet.

The third track is Botanic Spider by Agustín Fernández, Professor of Composition at ICMuS. This virtuoso work was first composed for the Belfast-based ensemble Sequenza in 1992, but was extensively revised in 2003 for a performance by members of Northern Sinfonia.

Matthew Rowan's String Quartet No 1 challenges the ensemble with a rigorously executed exploration of the tensions between repetition and variation. Sergio Camacho devoted his years of research at ICMuS to developing an extensive music-theatre project for which he has also devised the libretto. His work Four Names for the One Moon constitutes one of the many stages of the research that feed into the magnum opus that will be his eventual submission. Joel Eriksson, now a lecturer at Gothenburg University, contributes to the album his Fantasi, a finely-crafted meditation on a Bach chorale.

Staff from ICMuS

  • Kathryn Tickell
  • Agustín Fernández
  • Tim Garland (RNCM, formerly ICMuS) and ICMuS PhD graduates Sergio Camacho, Joel Eriksson and Matthew Rowan