Early English Church Music is published by Stainer & Bell on behalf of The British Academy. The aim of the series is to make church music from the eleventh to the seventeenth centuries available in a form both scholarly and practical. The present General Editor is Magnus Williamson; the chairman is Prof. Peter Wright (Nottingham University).

The series includes work by anonymous and undeservedly neglected figures, as well as much of the output of acknowledged masters such as Thomas Tallis, John Taverner and John Sheppard. The series has four main strands: editions of polyphony composed before c. 1530 (presented in the distinctive diamond-headed notation first used in EECM 42); editions of polyphony composed after c. 1530 (in 'round' notation); editions of chant (in 'square' notation); and facsimile editions of polyphonic sources. The series has currently published 60 volumes; edited by William Summers and Peter Lefferts, vol. 57 comprises music manuscripts of the thirteenth century in facsimile; vol.58 is an edition of the Sarum Lady Mass (ed. John Harper, Sally Harper & Matthew Cheung-Salisbury).