Fine Art research ranking

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014, 83% of our research was rated 3* and 4*, this means our research is deemed to be 'world-leading' or 'internationally excellent'. As a result we are placed in the top 10 of all UK Fine Art departments for research.

We are proud of the international profiles of our staff - our projects have been acclaimed in Britain, across Europe, Asia and America. Our permanent staff have been joined by many artist-fellows, including Lipman Trust Resident Artists and Bartlett Fellows. This has brought leading artists from across the world to our department.

Music research ranking

In the most recent Research Excellence Framework exercise, 80% of the International Centre for Music Studies' research was rated in the top two categories of 'world leading' and 'internationally excellent', building on our success in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. 

Our desire to continually achieve research excellence is exemplified by our academic staff who all remain active in their research, either individually or collaboratively. 


Media, Culture, Heritage research ranking

Our research is world-renowned and internationally-oriented. Much of our research is interdisciplinary and has strong social relevance. It engages with public culture, policy concerns and contemporary debates in cultural and social politics.

In UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014, we achieved an outstanding result in which 82% of our research was evaluated as ‘World Leading’ and ‘Internationally Excellent'. The Research Excellence Framework 2014 also showed that 80% of our work has global and international significance and impact. An example of this is Professor Peter Stone's work on improving the protection of cultural property during armed conflict. This research has impacted on:

  • national non-governmental organisations
  • national policy makers (including HM Government)
  • the international military

The importance of this work is brought into focus by the civil war in Syria and the resulting destruction of cultural property.

Another example is Dr Geetha Jayaraman and Dr Ian McDonald’s from the Research Centre for Film and Digital Media work on the multi-award winning film Algorithms (2012, 100 mins)  that has had an international theatrical and DVD release.

We are committed to connecting leading academic researchers with other people working on a deeper understanding of matters in governmental, non-governmental, creative, and community settings. Our shared aim is to foster and improve sustainable capacity for quality of life across ever-changing contexts and for diverse groups.

For the Unit of Assessment: Communication, Cultural and Media Studies we were ranked 12th out of 67 in the country.