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Nadia Hebson

2nd Co-ordinator and Module Leader



I make paintings, both figurative and abstract, objects and text which are intimately but indirectly, linked to the conventions and history of painting. Working obliquely with the legacy of women artists, my work has sought to comprehend the relationship between painting, biography, persona and clothing; most recently through a consideration of the work of artists Winifred Knights b.1899 d.1947 and Christina Ramberg b.1947 d.1995. 

Interested in questioning how we can undertake the recuperation of less considered artists’ work I have developed a form of subjective biography. Drawing on feminist literary touchstones, including the work of Christa Wolf and Carla Lonzi as well as écriture féminine, I employ both empathy and subjectivity to suggest new forms of comprehension and to explore the complexities of feminine experience through a consideration of Knights and Ramberg’s expanded legacies.

My paintings and constellations of objects are themselves an oblique form of scholarship and my writing moves parallel to the embodied forms of knowledge I produce. Close attention is paid to the relationship between making and inquiry (research), with an emphasis on provisional and open-ended readings and deliberately shifting speaking positions, particularly in relation to established historical narratives. Working against singular interpretations towards associative and speculative elucidation, it is the relationship between the constituent parts and their multiple registers that I am interested in exploring. 

Concerned with how alternate perspectives could be configured that offer new readings of less considered artists’ work and new insights into the historical moment from which they emerge. Both Knights and Ramberg are in part conceived as fictional mentors. Although historically unrelated, both artists explore the complexities of feminine experience and it’s psychological co-ordinates through an exploration of dress.  Employing radically different iconography Knights and Ramberg share a formal precision in their handling of paint with a subtle attention to the possibilities of subdued colour and low tone. Through this attention they approach an unparalleled articulation of women’s cognisance, sexual desire, multiplicity and modes of navigation, where subjectivity, objectification and self-objectification are underscored. Their distinct bodies of work offer a less considered corollary of women's art practice and its visibility is absolutely vital for students and artists today.

Underscored by teaching my practice has developed through a consideration of my experience as both a lecturer and a student and the contentious question of what an appropriate Fine Art Education for women might look like. 


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Alpha Adieu, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp

2015 Can you forgive her? Drop City, Newcastle upon Tyne

2014 Can you forgive her? Mauve, Vienna

2013 Moda WK, Lokaal 01, Antwerp

2011 From Flemish Portraiture to Czech Cubist Furniture, Volta, New York

2009 September, DLI Gallery, Durham Cathedral Artist in Residence

2007 Lusqvarna, Landguard Fort, off site project supported by Arts Council England, English Heritage 

2007 Bergholzli, Vane, Newcastle 

2005 Grand Mal, Transition, London 

2003 Goria, Transition, London 

2003 Phantasmagoria, Chapter, Cardiff 

2001 Perfect Lux, Cassian De Vere Cole, London


Selected Group Exhibitions, Performances and Talks

2018 I See You Man, Gallery Celine, Glasgow,curatorial project with Sophie Macpherson

2018 Material, Mauve, Fronton, Mexico City

2018 Studio is Sudden, Nadia Hebson in conversation with Giles Bailey and CIRCA Projects, The

        Northern Charter

2017 A Room of Their Own, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

2017  The Kink In the Arc, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

2017  Lodgers, Drop City, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

2017  Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, invited to show in Yinka Shonibare’s room in recognition of work 

         undertaken to reposition the legacies of overlooked women artists

2017  Choreography, Arcade Gallery, London complied by Paul Becker

2017  ARCOmadrid, Drop City, Madrid

2017  Artists Who Write, Northern Charter, Newcastle

2016  Vases and a Text for Hotel Ufer, Drop City, Dusseldorf

2016  Drop City Centre, Nadia Hebson, Paul Becker, Sam Watson, Elinor Wright, Katie Schwab,

          Francesco Pedraglio, Sophie Macpherson, hobbypopMUSEUM, Laing Gallery, Newcastle 

2015 WE (NOT I) Artists Space, New York

2015 So, Drop City, Nadia Hebson, Paul Becker, Sam Watson, Elinor Wright, Mauve, Vienna

2014 Christina Ramberg, Carlton Place, Glasgow International, Sophie Macpherson and Nadia Hebson

         in conversation discussing the work and legacy of Ramberg's paintings for contemporary women  


2013 East Coast West Coast, with Paul Becker, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

2013 Corridor Plateau, Autocentre, Berlin

2013 Corridor Plateau, The Northern Charter, Newcastle

2013 The Walser Cycle, developmental performance of 3 Robert Walser plays, with Paul

          Becker Tess Denman-Cleaver, Baltic 39, Newcastle

2013 MODA WK, Vane, Newcastle, curatorial project with Titania Seidl and Holly Antrum

2012 The Continuation of Romance, Rosenfeld Porcini, London

2012 The Dorian Project, Second Guest and Ana Cristea, New York

2010 400 Women, Shoreditch Town Hall, London 

2010 Art Blitz, Transition, London

2010 Trajector, Error One, Brussels

2010 MTR, Sophie Macpherson, Alex Frost, Jim Skuldt, Paul Becker, AIR Antwerpen,

2009 Disciples of Cranach, Utrophia, London 

2009 Sing Sisters Sweetly, DLI Gallery, Durham collaborative project with Lindsay Wright

2009 Rotate, Contemporary Arts Society, London 

2009 A room inside them, Vane, Newcastle 

2008 Jerwood Contemporary Painters, Jerwood Space, London 

2008 The Director's Apartment, British School at Rome, Rome 

2008 Awapbapadoowap , Transition, London 

2008 Zwei Raum Wohnung, Husemann, Berlin 

2008 Sovereign Art Prize Exhibition, Somerset House, London 

2008 The Painting Room, Transition, London 

2007 Salon Nouveau, Englholm Engelhorn, Vienna 

2007 The Whiteness of the Whale: Anna-Karin Jansson, Reece Jones, and Nadia Hebson, Transition,

         London, N Hebson curatorial project 

2007 Mutineer: 10 British Painters, Kunsthaus Mengerzeile, Berlin 

2007 Revolver, PZ Gallery, Cornwall 

2006 The Portrait, Ashwin Street Gallery, V22, London 

2006 Fable:Nadia Hebson, Zoe Mendelson, Joel Tomlin, Chapter, Cardiff 

2005 Acid Drops and Sugar Candy, Fosterart and Transition, London 

2005 Gothic Love - Glove, Lange Gasse, Augsburg, Germany 

2005 Able Seaman, Durling Ward, London 

2004 Painting and Lying, Archive project with Annabel Dover funded by Arts Council 

2004 Snow, curated by Stella Vine and Alex Morrison, Transition, London 

2003 ....Sympathy, Keith Talent Gallery, London and G39, Cardiff 

2003 Sense and Sensibility, Artists take on Art History, Transition, London


Residencies, Fellowships and Scholarships

2016 Lodgers Residency, M HKA and Air Antwerpen

2014 Vytlacil Residency Programme, New York

2013 LokaaL 01, Antwerp

2010 Air Antwerpen, Artist in Residence 

2008-09 Durham Cathedral Artist in Residence

2008 Derek Hill Foundation Scholar, The British School at Rome 

2004-05 Lecturing Residency, L’École Des Beaux Arts Toulouse 

2001 - 2 Painting Research Fellow, University of Wales Institute Cardiff

Awards and Research Grants

2017 Premio Opening Award, ARCOmadrid

2016 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England for curatorial programme Drop City

2015 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England for curatorial programme Drop City

2014 Arts Council England Individual Award

2012 Arts Council England Individual Award

2009 Arts Council England Individual Award for Publication Nadia Hebson Paintings

2008-9 Winner Sovereign European Art Prize, selected by Philly Adams, Tim Marlow, Jarvis Cocker, 

          Alan Yentob, Sir Peter Blake, Rachel Campbell Johnson 

2008 Arts Council England Individual Award

2008 Nominated by Humphrey Ocean RA for The Arts Foundation Fellowship Programme

2007 Arts Council England Individual Award 

2006 Arts Council England Individual Award 

2004 Duveen Woman Artist Award 

2004 Casson Drawing Prize 

2003 Arts Council Joint Project Award 

2003 BOC Emerging Artist Award selected by Mathew Collings and Peter Blake RA 

2002 Arts Council Of Wales Award 

2008 Cardiff 2008 Project Award 

2000 Andre De Segonzac Travel Award, Royal Academy 

1999 British Institute Drawing Prize 

1999 Vincent Harris Award, Royal Academy 

1996 Arte Viva Painting Prize, Italy 

1996 Cohn and Wolfe Painting Prize, selected by Andrew Graham Dixon


Reviews, critical texts and publications 

2016 Reclaimed Baggage, Fortnum, R, Journal of Contemporary PaintingVolume 3, Numbers 1-2, 1 April 2017, pp.  209-232(24), peer reviewed journal, published by intellect.

2015 Can you forgive her? Review, Natasha Soobramanien, Frieze, Issue 169, March 20152015 Christina Ramberg 42 Carlton Place, Review, Hebson, N, Journal of Contemporary Painting, Vol 1, issue 2, editors Rebecca Fortnum, Beth Harland, Dan Sturgis

2014 MODA WK -work made in response to the paintings, drawings, correspondence, clothing and interior design of British artist Winifred Knights, 1899-1947, (an expanded legacy), Hebson, N, (Author) designed by Kaisa Lassinaro, 124 pages, AND Public, supported by the Derek Hill Foundation and Newcastle University, ISBN 978-1-908452-48-1 

2013 Winifred Knights, N Hebson (AUTHOR) text on Winifred Knights, PERSONA, edited by Melissa Gordon and Marina Vishmidt, published Archive Books, Berlin

2013 Winifred Knights, N Hebson lecture on engagement with the legacy of Winifred Knights, Painting Symposium, with Merlin James and Dexter Dalwood, Newcastle University

2013 Winifred Knights, N Hebson (AUTHOR) text on Winifred Knights, subjective biography and an appropriate education for women, ELIA Expanding Legacies Conference, Granada

2013 Review for MODA WK, Robert Clarke, The Guardian, 1st June

2010  Newsnight Review, BBC 2, 26th November, 400 Women Project 

 2010  Womens Hour, BBC Radio 4, 15th Novemer, 400 Women Project

2009  Nadia Hebson PaintingsUniversity of Sunderland, DLI Museum, St Chads College, Durham University, Arts Council England, Durham Cathedral, ISBN 978-1-906832-03-2

2009  The Day Before you came, Anthony Shapland, Garageland, The Nostalgia Issue, 

2009  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Standpoint Magazine (ONLINE), July Issue, Michael Prodger

2008  Review, The Jerwood Contemporary Painters, Charles Darwent,The Independent, 20th April 

2008  Fine Arts Catalogue 2007-2008, The British School at Rome, ISBN 978-0-9041 904152-52-4   

2007  Letting The Ghosts In: Nadia Hebson, Peter Suchin

2001  Lusqvarna, Artists Book, text by Duncan Ward   

2007  Garageland, Painting and Translating , University of The Arts, London   

2007  Bergholzli, Artists Book, Vane      

2007  Fable, Exhibition Catalogue, Angela Kingston and Gordon Dalton, Chapter Publications, ISBN:1 900029 227

2007  Total Spec Magazine, N Hebson interviewed by Alex Michon    

2006  Garageland, La Grande Mort, article by N Hebson on Moby Dick

2006  Home for Lost Ideas, Dan Rees and Catherine Griffiths, Published by Archive Books, Berlin 

2005  New Fabulism Lecture, Tom Jorgensen, Kunstformildung Magazine, Denmark

2005  Arty, Interview, Alex Michon    

2003  Time Out, Review, Goria, Rebecca Gerald,   

2003  Time Out, Review, … Sympathy, Sally O’Reilly  

2003  The Spectator, Review, Sense and Sensibility, Mark Glazebrook  

2003  Phantasmagoria, Annabel Dover, Chapter Publications   


1995 Career Girls, Mike Leigh


Undergraduate Teaching

2nd co-ordinator and Module Leader 

BA Fine Art Stages 1, 2, 3, 4

PhD Supervision

I am the primary supervisor of Narbi Price