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Short Courses (CPD)

Short Courses (CPD)

About the Course

Engineering and Applied Geology

Understanding how we use geological materials in industry. Introducing techniques for stabilising rock structures. Appreciating the role of groundwater in construction.

This course develops your knowledge the form and existence of geomaterials in the context of engineering applications in the extractive and construction industries.

The focus is on geological hazards, geological maps, characteristic properties of geological materials as a resource and as a construction material and the role of groundwater in construction. We pay particular attention to the analysis and design of engineered rock structures.

The course will:

  • introduce you to geological hazards
  • give a description of geological materials in relation to the extractive and construction industries
  • enable you to apply your knowledge to a practical problem
  • introduce the concepts and principles underlying the stability of rock structures
  • introduce the techniques for analysis, design and stabilisation of rock structures

This course is also delivered on at least one of the Faculty's Masters programmes in the School of Engineering, and you will attend alongside full and part time registered students.

Course dates
  • Monday 4 - Friday 15 March 2019 (duration 10 days): dates not confirmed

Objectives and Outline

Engineering and Applied Geology

Course Objectives

The course will provide you with knowledge of:

  • rocks and soils in the field, in the context of investigation for engineering purposes - geological hazards
  • geological controls on and variability in characteristics of mineral construction raw materials
  • the interplay of groundwater and artificial/natural surface features from the point of view of predicting and managing the water table

You'll understand:

  • the role of groundwater in construction
  • descriptions of hard and soft ground excavation techniques

You'll be able to:

  • understand and interpret types of failures of rock structures
  • describe techniques for stabilising rock structures
  • provide evaluation and analysis of some types of failures in rock structure (before and after remediation)

Course Outline

  • lectures and practicals on aggregates (hard rock and unconsolidated), supported by site visits
  • lectures and tutorials on engineering properties of rock; stability of rock slopes and remedial measures; rock support; support of underground openings
  • lectures on excavation techniques, reserve estimation and geohazards in excavation
  • field mapping and description of rocks, soils and groundwater features, relating to past industrial activity
Course dates
  • Monday 4 - Friday 15 March 2019 (duration 10 days): dates not confirmed

Further Information

Engineering and Applied Geology


Course content

To attend the course, you should have knowledge/experience equivalent to the content of the following Modules:

Please contact the Professional Development Unit if you require further information.

Academic Module Outline

This course is also delivered as a Module (code CEG8209) on at least one of the Faculty's Masters programmes, the majority of which can be studied part time, making them suitable for those in employment. You will attend with full and part time registered students. The Academic Module Outline is available via the University's Module Catalogue.

Course Materials

During the course, you will be able to access course materials electronically using the University Wifi. We suggest that you bring a laptop or tablet with PDF viewer if you wish to refer to the notes during the course. Please ensure that you make sure your electronic device is fully charged, as access to charging points may be limited within the lecture rooms.

Update to Course Content

Please note that our courses are reviewed regularly, both in response to feedback and so that information about recent research and developments can be included. Thus, content may be subject to change.


Engineering and Applied Geology


Newcastle University


Engineering and Applied Geology


  • Engineering and Applied Geology
    • £2235 (duration 10 days)

We offer a 30 percent discount to full time students and to Newcastle University staff.

The course fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments.

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Formal assessment may be available for this Course. Assessment attracts an additional fee of £365, and delegates will be issued with a transcript and Certificate of Credit Achieved.