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Short Courses (CPD)

Short Courses (CPD)

About the Course

Introduction to GIS using Quantum GIS

This course is no longer delivered

In recent years mapping has become important in every aspect of life from Google Maps on your mobile phone to sat nav. Geographical Information Systems are central to this and allow us to map and analyse information about the world around us. In times of budget cuts and the need for efficiency savings, many organisations are looking towards Open Source GIS software as a money saving opportunity.

This action packed two day course is structured to maximise your knowledge of GIS, using Quantum Open Source GIS. Starting at the very basics, you will leave with the key skills to tackle GIS tasks within your corporate environment using Open Source GIS technology.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the key concepts of a GIS
  • Overview of the Open source software options
  • How to add and style data
  • How to create and edit new datasets
  • How to interrogate and perform basic spatial analysis
  • How to produce comprehensive print layouts and create corporate print templates