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CPD Courses in Geotechnics and Structures

CPD Courses in Geotechnics and Structures

Geotechnics and Structures

Geotechnical and Structural Engineering is at the core of the Civil Engineering discipline. We deal with the fundamental concepts of material behaviour, construction and design technology.

Our research reflects these core aspects while linking with the theme of Earth Systems Science Engineering and Management through the concepts of sustainability in construction and climate change effects in civil engineering.

The work of the Group is concentrated on three specific themes:

Our research focuses not only on our expertise of these three areas, but also on the interactions between them.

Short Courses in Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

The range of short courses offered in Geotechnics and Structures provide understanding and knowledge of concepts, principles and theories, reinforced by demonstrations and examples of the practical techniques used.

An option for formal assessment and Master credits may be available for some courses.

Many of the courses are modules on taught Masters programmes in Geotechnics and Structures, which may be taken as either full time or part time.

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Courses in Geomatics can be delivered at a client's premises. Please contact the Professional Development Unit for details.