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High Precision GNSS using Post-Processing

High Precision GNSS using Post-Processing

Explore GNSS error sources and examine ways of mitigating errors in a highly practical course.

High-precision GNSS underpins the delivery of Network Real-Time Kinematic positioning services. We also use it for a variety of more precise surveying and engineering applications, if the data are post-processed. For example, we may use it in high order control establishment and deformation monitoring.

In this two day course, you will:

  • explore in detail the various GNSS error sources that inhibit precise coordinate determination
  • examine ways of mitigating these errors using data and methods in post-processing mode.

We'll introduce error theory. You will have ample opportunity for real-world practical analysis. You'll use industry-standard Leica Infinity GNSS post-processing software.

We've designed the extensive practical examples to reinforce the theoretical concepts. The examples use specially designed data sets. These ensure that you'll explore a wide range of real-world conditions and problems.

The exercises will help you to develop a feeling of processing accuracy and precision levels. You'll find ways of improving them, using the software.

Who is the course aimed at?

  • those who are already familiar with basic GNSS and Network RTK

This course is a highly relevant follow-on if you have attended the three-day GNSS and Network RTK course.

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