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Asphalt Materials and Pavements

Asphalt Materials and Pavements

A landmark in training, this course remains at the leading edge of education in the highways sector.

The course is relevant to all, from experienced professionals to trainees. It provides up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of the industry.

The MPA/Newcastle University Course is now in its 47th consecutive year. It remains at the forefront of training and education in the sector. The course provides you with an extensive overview of the subject. You'll find out about:

  • constituent materials
  • mix composition and design
  • quality assurance

You'll also learn about:

  • elements of pavement design
  • recent changes in design procedures from empirical to analytical methods
  • how we use these techniques to meet more specialised criteria
  • the assessment of and design for maintenance of pavements, including reinstatement work

The course deals with pavement materials as they exist within the framework of Harmonised European Specifications. This includes those covering bitumen and aggregates.

The course covers 'traditional' UK materials. You'll also find out about innovative asphalt materials, such as EME2 bases, SMA and thin surfacings. We'll explain the procedures for evaluation of performance and quality control of all these asphalts. The Construction Products Regulation of 2013 and the knock-on impacts make this more relevant than ever.

Other aspects that we cover include:

  • health and safety in asphalt production and laying
  • broader sustainability issues including recycling techniques
  • methods for laboratory and site testing of asphalt and asphalt surfacings

Thousands have now enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the course. They have met with others from a wide range of highways-related activity and expertise that the course offers. The course provides a special networking opportunity and contributes to the ongoing success of the Course.

Representatives from across industry and the client sector have attended. Many now hold significant and high profile positions in their organisations.

The need for well trained and competent personnel in the sector has never been higher. The Course remains excellent value for money, and the acquired knowledge can repay many times over.

Who is the course aimed at?

Highway engineers and others in associated disciplines have a fundamental need to understand:

  • the properties and performance of asphalt
  • the design, construction, and maintenance of asphalt road pavements

But undergraduate courses are generally unable to cover these subjects in detail.

The course serves personnel at all levels in the highways sector (both public and private), including:

  • highways-related operatives, technicians, engineers, and managers
  • those wanting to extend their knowledge of asphalt materials, pavement design, construction, and maintenance
  • more senior professional engineers who would like to update their knowledge

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Course dates

  • Sunday 5 - Friday 10 September 2021 (duration 6 days): to be confirmed (subject to COVID-19 circumstances)