Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Rural Development Policy

Women’s contribution to agricultural economy

Sally Shortall is the Duke of Northumberland Professor of Rural Economy.  Her research interests are:

  • the role of women on farms and in rural development
  • rural development policy more generally
  • social changes in farming practice
  • the links between evidence and policy

She has worked with the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Food and Agricultural Organisation. She is currently leading research into the role of women in agriculture in Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government. In June 2017 First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, launched Professor Shortall's report calling for women’s contribution to the agricultural economy in Scotland to be recognised. 

Professor Shortall is also chair of the UK Food Standards Agency’s Social Science Research Committee’s Strategy Sub-Group (2015-2017) and is an Appointed Assessor for the European Commission (2016-2019).

Professor Sally Shortall's expertise influences rural development policy