Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering



A list of the degrees that we award would show only a glimpse of our undergraduate learning and teaching offer.

Agriculture Biology Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Earth Science Marine Sciences Physics Geomatics Mathematics and Statistics Computing Science Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Marine Technology Mechanical


Agriculture, Agri-Business Management, Agronomy Animal Production Science and Farm Business Management


Biology, Applied Plant Science, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Conservation, and Zoology


Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Earth Science

Earth Science with options in Environment, Geochemistry, Engineering, Hydrogeology and Water Management

Marine Sciences

Marine Biology, Marine Biology and Oceanography, Marine Zoology


Physics and Theoretical Physics


Surveying & Mapping Science, Geographic Information Science

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics with options in Accounting, Economics, Psychology, Finance, and Management

Computing Science

Computer Science, Bio-Computing, Game Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Mobile Systems, Security, Software

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering with options in Bioprocess Engineering, Process Control, and Sustainable Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering with options in Structural Engineering and Surveying Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Options in Automation and Control, Digital Electronics, Communications, Computer Engineering, and Microelectronic Engineering

Marine Technology

Marine Technology with options in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Offshore Engineering, and Small Craft Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering with options in Design and Manufacturing, Biomedical, Mechatronics, and Energy

Approximately 6,000 of our students are undergraduates. Our larger subject areas include engineering, agriculture, chemistry, maths and computing. Alongside the large cohorts, we are proud to offer courses in areas such as geomatics and marine biology.

Outside of lecture theatres and laboratories our students are involved in a wide range of activities. This includes Formula Student, expeditions, competitions and extra-curricular societies and teams.

We recognise that our graduates are going to be leading and creating in a complex and uncertain world. To support them, entrepreneurial development is embedded across our learning and teaching activities.

All of our courses have close links to industry. This ensures that academic aims and objectives are complemented by 'real world' insight and guidance, which is essential to employability.

Biology students undertaking fieldwork. All of our students enjoy a wide range of learning and extra-curricular activities