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EPSRC Impact Accelerator Account

EPSRC Impact Accelerator Account


Impact Accelerator Accounts (IAAs) are block awards made to organisations to speed up impact of research. Newcastle University has won £1.7 million from the EPSRC to spend over three years (March 2017 – March 2020).

The IAA is available to help bridge the gap between the lab and marketplace. They allow research to be communicated, translated and accelerated to users and moved forward.

The EPSRC gives £60 million to 33 universities to bring about impact through the IAAs. The IAA impacts the research landscape. It makes it easier for scientists to develop ideas and collaborate with industry. It speeds up the contribution scientists make towards:

  • new innovation
  • successful businesses
  • economic returns

IAA aims

The Newcastle IAA features a strong collaboration with Durham University. It builds on collaborations such as the EPSRC Angel Alliance and Northern Accelerator. Through the EPSRC-IAA, we aim to:

  • develop new, and strengthen existing, relationships with industrial users of EPSRC research through secondments and collaborative projects
  • provide resource to enable early-stage commercialisation of EPSRC-funded research
  • enhance and develop the culture of impact within the Newcastle research community
  • provide more diverse opportunities for a wider range of participants, e.g. early career researchers
  • improve the outcomes of projects beyond IAA funding
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Funding streams

The IAA supports four main areas of activity:

It is a prerequisite to the EPSRC-IAA funding that it relates to an EPSRC grant. The funds should be used to advance the findings from that research grant towards impact.

We can give you further guidance on applications.


For more information or application forms for IAA funding, please contact:

Sarah Warner
Impact Funding Manager
Email: sarah.warner@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 4573


The IAA has allocated all available funds at this time and therefore can no longer accept any further applications.