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Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Analytical Services offer technical support and facilities for researchers and business.


About us

We work with businesses, ensuring our research and expertise supports science and industry. We offer a variety of services for individuals and industry, and can provide advice and consultancy.

Our professional staff are on hand to help you on a local, national and international level. We'll tailor our services to suit your individual needs and aim for a quick turnaround and personalised pricing solutions.

If you have questions about the SAgE Analytical Facility or would like to request a quote, contact us.

Quality Assurance

The highly qualified staff in the facilities outlined above carry out their own internal quality standards on a regular basis or as required. External calibrations may be carried out in some facilities, including regular maintenance outlined by the manufacturers’ service contracts.

At the time of writing, no facilities are QMS certified, but this does not affect the quality of the service that you will receive.
At the time of writing we also do not carry out any legal work.

If you have any queries regarding our quality protocols, then please do not hesitate to contact us.