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Chemistry Mass-Spectrometry

Dr Alex Charlton
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  • Senior Analytical Technician

Dr Alex Charlton has almost 10 years’ experience working as an Analytical Chemist, with particular focus on Quantitative Analysis in Environmental Systems.

After studying Chemistry (BSc (Hons)) at the University of Leeds, Alex went on to study Environmental Biogeochemistry (MSc) at Newcastle University, before completing a PhD in Environmental Analytical Chemistry and Soil Science at Cranfield University; supervised by Dr Ruben Sakrabani and Prof. Sean Tyrrel. His thesis focussed on the long-term impacts of Zinc and Copper contamination in sludge amended soils and their effect on the rate of organic Phosphorus mineralisation by soil microorganisms. After completing his PhD, Alex went on to do a 2-year Post-Doctoral secondment with United Utilities, to research and develop novel methods of recovering Phosphorus during wastewater treatment processes.

Alex returned to Newcastle University in 2017 to work on the NERC ANNAMARKS project, looking at the potential use of microbial lipids as biomarkers for anaerobic ammonium oxidation in marine settings. In this role Alex provided technical support operating and maintaining the LC-MS and GC-MS instrumentation required for the project. In 2019, Alex moved to the Bedson Building, and now runs the SAgE Mass Spectrometry Facility, providing Qualitative and Quantitative information to support research and teaching activities across the Faculty of Science, Agriculture, and Engineering (SAgE).

Recent Publications

Leitch, A.C., Abdelghany, T.M., Charlton, A., Grigalyte, J., Oakley, F., Borthwick, L.A., Reed, L., Knox, A., Reilly, W.J., Agius, L., Blain, P.G., Wright, M.C. Renal injury and hepatic effects from the methylimidazolium ionic liquid M8OI in mouse. Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety. 2020, 202, 110902.

Schwartz-Narbonne R, Schaeffer P, Hopmans EC, Schenesse M, Charlton EA, Jones DM, Sinninghe Damsté JS, Ul Haque MF, Jetten MSM, Lengger SK, Murrell CJ, Normand P, Nuijten GHL, Talbot HM, Rush D. A unique bacteriohopanetetrol stereoisomer of marine anammox. Organic Geochemistry 2020, 143, 103994.