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Ion Beam Facilities

Ion Beam Facilities

Our Instruments

NEXUS is proud to host the following world-class facilities:

These instruments are installed within a purpose built laboratory, with the HIM installed in a clean-room with atmospheric control and vibration isolation.

Co-located with NEXUS XPS facilities means we can provide a unique and powerful combination of nanometrology. This enables detailed characterisation of structures and devices produced by both top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication.

Individually these instruments are world-leading in their own right, but together they can provide an unprecedented level of understanding of the chemical, structural and topological makeup of materials, from soft biological materials such as plant, animal and human cells, to semiconductor and inorganic thin films, to nanomaterials such as graphene and nanotubes.

To help in the understanding of how these ion beam techniques can provide results for your research, we have identified two key application areas for the HIM and the ToF-SIMS:

If you would like to have a discussion or enquire about use and project costs please contact us detailing your enquiry.