Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Solid-State NMR (SSNMR)

Dr Corinne Wills

  • NMR Experimental Officer

Dr Wills has been managing the NMR Facility at Newcastle University since Feb 2010. Corinne is a Chartered Chemist and has extensive research and teaching experience. She is actively involved in many research projects at Newcastle within Chemistry and other schools, and advises researchers across the University on many aspects of NMR. She has co-authored over 30 research papers on a wide range of subjects ranging from inorganic chemistry to natural product structure elucidation to liver disease. Corinne teaches NMR to Undergraduates at Newcastle University and is the module leader of a structural chemistry course.

Corinne obtained a 1st class Honours degree in Chemistry in 2003 and then a PhD in inorganic Chemistry in 2007 under the supervision of Dr Keith Izod. Three years working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate followed, before she took up her current post.

Corinne has extensive experience in the operation of NMR spectrometers and in analysing a wide range of NMR spectra.