Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Solution-State NMR

Dr Casey Dixon

  • Senior Analytical Technician/Commercial Liaison

Dr Casey Dixon completed her MCHEM at Newcastle University in 2010 where she completed her masters project in Dr Keith Izod’s group. She progessed onto a Science, Chemistry specialised Secondary PGCE course at Newcastle and continued to provide private tuition for ages 11-18 and undergraduate students for a further 5 years.

Casey then embarked onto a Ph.D where she studied the structural changes of phosphine-borane-stabilised carbanions with main group metals in Dr. Keith Izod's group at Newcastle University. She then moved on to a manufacturing company as a research and development chemist in the synthesis and development of high purity inorganics for the semiconducting industry.

Finally, since being back at Newcastle University as a Senior Analytical technician, Casey is involved in many other analytical techniques in order to develop her secondary role as commerical liaison. This liaison role involves attending conferences and carrying out talks and meetings with manufacturing companies to outsource the universities analytical equipment.

Caseys main area of expertise is in multinuclear NMR although she has a broad range of NMR knowledge and inorganic/organic chemistry along with the handling of air sensitive samples using Schlenk line/dry box techniques.