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Schools, Colleges and Outreach

Schools, Colleges and Outreach

Graduate Ambassadors

We have a team of Graduate Ambassadors. They are available to visit schools and colleges to deliver Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) based presentations and workshops.

The presentations aim to give pupils an insight into:

  • the different subjects available at university
  • how those subjects relate to everyday life
  • the wide variety of career opportunities available

The visits are completely free and can be arranged at a time convenient for the school.

The sessions cover a range of different subjects and age groups.

If you would like us to come for a visit to your school please complete our booking form.

If you would like more information on a session or have any other questions please email outreach@ncl.ac.uk

Watch Ellie and Claire talk about their work as Graduate Ambassadors

Street Science

Street Science started in December 2012 as part of the British Science Festival. A team took to the streets of Newcastle with STEM demonstrations to show the public.

In its first year, the Street Science 'busking' scheme delivered more than 15000 interactions to the public. The scheme has continued to grow.

We offer Street Science 'busking' on the streets of the city center and workshops for various school groups.

We regularly support local events and festivals. We've also delivered events as far afield as London, Cheltenham, and even Turkey.

In March 2017, the team will be in Hong Kong at the invitation of the British Council to support the Science Alive festival.

Workshops and Events

Our free interactive workshops are suitable for school Years 5 – 9 (ages 9 – 14).

As these sessions are very interactive, we find that they work best if have a group size of no more than 30.

Sessions generally last for about an hour but we can accommodate shorter and longer sessions if required.

Thinking Like a Scientist

Years 5 -7, Ages 9 - 12

This workshop uncovers new types of scientist by breaking down the stereotype. The group will ‘Predict, Experiment and Observe’ during our interactive STEM demonstrations.

Waste Matters

Years 5 – 7, Ages 9 – 12

This workshop investigates what happens to our rubbish after we put it in the bin. The students then get inventive with recycling!

Become a Street Scientist

Years 8 and 9, Ages 12 - 14

This workshop offers your students an insight into the art of science busking. They'll get a chance to work together and learn some Street Science demonstrations.

The group will learn what it takes to be a Street Scientist. They will boost their confidence by performing our favourite demonstrations to the rest of the class.

Contact us

If you would like to book a workshop for your class or group please fill in our online booking form.

Contact us for further information: outreach@ncl.ac.uk

The Street Science Team supported the 2016 Tall Ships Regatta

On Campus

Throughout the year thousands of school students visit us to explore their interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

We're longstanding partners with the Engineering Development Trust. We've hosted the residential component of the Engineering Education Scheme for many years.


The Dove Marine Laboratory frequently hosts activities for school students. This includes a week long summer school. There are also events for teachers and parents.  

We have a dedicated Outreach Laboratory in Chemistry. This is staffed by a qualified teacher. It is used to host revision classes for school students and CPD sessions for teachers.  

More than 300 13 and 14 year olds join us for a conference exploring the wide range of study and career options in maths.

Girls and young women in STEM

The challenge of attracting girls and young women to STEM subjects is widely known.  

We deliver several activities specifically targeted at breaking down barriers and misconceptions around women in STEM.


Motivating, Inspiring and Nurturing Talent. This is a day for 13 year old girls to try a wide range of hands on STEM activities. For more information visit our MINT webpage.

Makeup Your Mind

This is an event for mothers and daughters.


Women in Science Doing Outstanding Maths. This is run by our School of Maths for 13 and 14 year old girls and their mothers.

STEM Newsletter

Our STEM newsletter is a monthly email. We send out information about science, technology, engineering and maths activities and events happening at Newcastle University.

The newsletter is designed for school and college teachers who want to find out about what opportunities we are offering their pupils. It encompasses all of the STEM subject areas, from chemical engineering to medical sciences.

If you would like to subscribe to the mailing list please complete the online form.