Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Vision for the Estate

Vision for the Estate

We are planning an Estate for the future. We are investing in our estate and infrastructure so that it will support our ambitions now and long in to the future.

Phase 1

Works underway or completed

Major investment in our estate is already underway with:

The University farms are already focal points of research and teaching. These will be developed into national centres of excellence incorporating a grid-connected methane-generating anaerobic digestor and C-DIAL - an advanced laboratory funded by Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock.

Dan Brooking-Coker is the Faculty Estates Coordinator.

Phase 2

Schemes in the near future

The University already has plans for new-builds on Science Central to host:

On the existing campus, we will adjust school office spaces to give students easier access to Professional Support Services.

The Bedson Building will have a new entrance to improve accessibility for all students and staff.  Students will be involved in determining the function and design of a new £450k student IT facility.