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Dr Cees van der Land

Lecturer in Geosciences



I’m a carbonate sedimentologist/geochemist studying the depositional, microbial and diagenetic controls on rock forming processes. Research interests range from microbe-mineral interactions and biofilms to the impact of organic material on the geomechanical properties of rocks and developing novel techniques to simultaneously obtain spatial and molecular information from fossil rock surfaces.

Associate Dean for Post Graduate Teaching, SAgE Faculty


I obtained my degree in Earth Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam followed by an M.Sc. in  Sedimentary and structural geology, basin analysis and surface processes. My PhD at the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Texel, The Netherlands) focused on the impact of diagenesis on deep water coral mound formation along the NE Atlantic continental margin (Permanent link to Phd thesis). After a postdoctoral position at the University of Edinburgh on carbonate rocktyping and diagenesis using pore network models I started my lectureship at Newcastle University in March 2013.


Member of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)

Fellow of the Geological Society of London


Research interests

I'm a member of the Geosciences Research Group. I'm interested in using geochemistry, biogeochemistry and microbiology to reconstruct paleoenvironments and understand rock forming processes.

Current research projects

2014-2019 The role of microbes in the early lithification of sabkha sediments.

2015-2019 Geochemical mapping of critical organic properties across Carboniferous basins.

2016-2020 The geomechanical properties of organic matter in fine grained rocks.


Postgraduate Teaching

MAR8045: Fundamentals of Subsea Engineering

CEG8632: Sedimentary Organic Matter Fieldtrip

Undergraduate Teaching

CEG1603: Introduction to the Sedimentary Record (Module Leader)

CEG2608: Geological Field Mapping (Module Leader with Sanem Acikalin) - Isle of Arran

CEG3604: International Field Course (Module Leader with Sanem Acikalin) - Sorbas Basin, Spain