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Dr Glynn Atkinson

Reader in Electrical Machines


Glynn is the head of the Electrical Power Research Group a leading research group for Electrical Machines, Electrical Drives and Power Systems research.

His research focusses on industrially led research into electrical machine design and manufacture covering the process from initial design, 3DFE simulation, and design for manufacture.

Principle investigator at Newcastle for the EPSRC Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub which combines expertise in electrical machines and manufacturing for the first time.  This £28m investment will enable researchers at the new EPSRC Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub to work with industry on addressing key manufacturing challenges.

Together with key industrial partners including Höganäs AB, Dyson, Rolls Royce and McLaren, the hub will lead on the design of new electrical machines with improved performance for the aerospace, energy, automotive and premium consumer sectors.

Through delivering world-class manufacturing research and innovation, the Hub will assist UK manufacturing to capture significant value in the electrical machine supply chain, improve UK industrial productivity and deliver the environmental benefits and cleaner growth at the heart of the UK’s industrial strategy.

Principle investigator for the HöganäsResearch Centre at Newcastle, researching the use of soft magnetic composites in Electrical machines.  Soft magnetic composites allow the designer to produce electromagnetic components with full three dimensional freedom, opening up the possibility for new machine topologies with improved performance.  Using 3D design techniques a variety of machine types are being investigated and prototypes with applications including automotive and domestic appliances.

Principle Investigator for the European Commission funded Actuation 2015 programme where our research focused on Fault tolerant electrical machines for Aerospace applications.  Aerospace systems are increasingly being replaced by electrical systems for reduced mass and increased efficiency.  For many aerospace systems fault tolerance is paramount in order for the electrical system to meet the stringent reliability level required.  

Industrial consultancy projects carried out for many companies on the design analysis and optimisation of electrical machines in applications including automotive, aerospace, large generation and small domestic. Projects include;

  • Turbo generator flux screen loss simulation and analysis (3DFE).
  • Turbo generator bus bar force simulation (3DFE).
  • Transverse flux machine design for Industrial and Automotive applications.
  • Brushless DC machine design for industrial and automotive applications.
  • Switched Reluctance machine design for industrial and aerospace applications.
  • Soft Magnetic Composite design expertise in electrical machines.
  • Magnetic force and vibration analysis (automotive applications).
  • PCB mounted axial flux machine design.
  • Conductor AC loss analysis.