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Joanne Lakey

Faculty Learning & Teaching Administrator (PG)



Joanne Lakey

Job Title

Learning & Teaching Administrator (Research)


I joined Newcastle University in November 2008 and have worked within the SAgE Education Team since February 2017.

My roles have included L&T Quality support,  Research Support and PGR Administration

What can Joanne help you with

I provide comprehensive administrative support to the Dean and Associate Deans of Postgraduate Studies.

I provide PGR Administration support across the Faculty including

  • Advertising and recording of PGR studentships/scholarships schemes 

  • EPSRC NPIF Placement scheme

  • SAgE PGR event organisation

  • PGR SAgE internal and external web pages 

  • PGRDP support

Committee support for 

  • SAgE PGR Forum

  • SAgE PG Directors

Web page(s)

How to contact

Please direct any enquiries regarding PGR or Dean enquiries to sagepgdean@ncl.ac.uk

Working hours: Mon-Wed & Fri