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STEM Projects

STEM Projects

From Autumn 2019 we are launching several longer term engagement projects which will involve working with the same group of students at multiple points across the year.

Future Makers Project

Year 9, with the aim to stay with the project through to Year 12

This multi-year project aims to raise aspirations and change the attitudes that young people have towards Engineering. They will gain an insight into the vast range of career opportunities in fields that truly have an impact of people's lives and help solve global challenges.

In the first year, through school visits and trips to campus, students will take part in hands-on engineering workshops, tailored to their interests. Parents will also be invited onto campus to find out more about what the project means for their child and try their hand at engineering themselves. 

Moving into Year 10 and 11, students will be supported through a Silver CREST Award. This is a nationally recognised award that can boost their employability and university application whilst also providing practical skills and a chance to design their own project with a real-world impact. They will be supported throughout with a mentor and invited to a celebratory presentation event at the end of the year. 

During their A Levels, students will be invited back to campus for subject taster days. If doing an EPQ, we can offer to pair them up with a member of staff with an expertise in a relevant area.


KS3 - Year 8-9

We are delighted to announce that we are able to sponsor and support year 8-9 students through their CREST Award. This is a nationally recognised award established by the British Science Association with the aim to challenge students to plan and conduct their own scientific investigation.

Signing up for a CREST Award through us will involve a visit from us during the Autumn term where we will deliver a workshop on this year's theme - Climate Change - and a workshop on how to conduct an experiment using the scientific method. Students in groups of 10 will then come up with ideas for their own project.

Throughout the Spring term, your team will be supported with monthly visits from a University student mentor to guide you through the task. Teams will also get to visit campus in February to meet real scientists and find out about their inspiring work.

The project will draw to a close in the summer term with a celebration event on campus where teams from different schools will be invited to present their findings to their peers, parents, teachers and mentors.


Registrations are closed for Autumn 2019, please sign up to our STEM Newsletter to be notified when registrations are open for 2020.

Science is my Superpower

KS2 Girls 

We are proud to unveil a new programme presented by Newcastle High School for Girls, in partnership with Newcastle University, which gives girls in Year 5 and 6 the chance to discover their hidden science potential. Starting in September 2019, groups of enthusiastic girls from primary and middle schools across the North East will take part in twelve inspirational sessions over two years exploring everything from colonising other worlds to saving our oceans and natural environments.

Becoming part of a unique science family, our Superheroes will get to know other incredible people who share their interests and get involved in some unique experiences. With support from amazing science students from sixth form and University, they will work together to take on challenges, tackle problems and find out how science really can change the world.

Each session lasts half a day, taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays during term time, with special workshops and experiences for parents and CPD for teachers. Science is my Superpower participants will get breakfast or lunch at each session to help power them through their day.

Registrations are closed for Autumn 2019, please sign up to our STEM Newsletter to be notified when registrations are open for 2020.