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A-level Chemistry Revision Resources

A Level Chemistry Revision Resources


A new set of downloadable resources from our annual, full-day A Level Revision Workshops delivered on campus in the Easter holidays.

These resources have been developed over the past decade by Dr Peter Hoare, Outreach Officer, experienced chemistry teacher and A Level chemistry marker for one of the major UK exam boards. They are used by Dr Hoare in the delivery of his annual on-campus Easter A Level Chemistry Revision Workshops.

In lieu of delivering the Workshops this year, we have converted the majority of the workshop content into downloadable resources for students preparing to study courses featuring a high proportion of chemistry content at undergraduate degree level. They should also prove useful as a CPD opportunity for A-level chemistry teachers too!

There are also the resources from a series of 1-hour A2 Revision Lectures on specific topics given by Dr Hoare annually at the West Midlands Chemistry Teachers Centre (WMCTC) at Birmingham University. Two of the topics - Transition Metals and Biomolecules - are not currently covered in the full day on-campus workshops and can be found exclusively here.


Other Resources

If you are studying or teaching post-16 chemistry, you may be interested in our collaborative project with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC). These resources are peer-produced by yr12 Nuffield Research Project or UG Chemistry project students and are aimed at post-16 chemistry courses, covering any topics where 3D structure is important, including organic molecules and transition metal complexes.

You can find these resources here.

If you are studying or teaching post-16 chemistry and/or biology, you may also be interested in our collaborative project with the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe), part of the EMBL-EBI, also based near Cambridge, UK on the Wellcome Genome Campus at Hinxton. These resources are aimed at post-16 biology and chemistry courses and cover topics including amino acids, proteins, enzymes, mode of drug action, RNA and DNA.

You can find these resources here.

How to use the resources

For each full-day workshop there is a Programme, two PowerPoints (AM & PM sessions) and an accompanying Revision Notes Booklet.

Please refer to the Programme for each workshop to find the location of any specific topic in the PowerPoints. Both the Programme and Notes Booklet are indexed.

When delivered face to face these Revision Workshops feature a number of interactive quiz sections designed to exemplify classic student misconceptions and exam errors. As you work through each PowerPoint question slides will appear regularly, take time to consider the question and work out your answer - the correct answer will be revealed upon your next click. Many of the calculation questions then show the worked answer on the next slide.

We welcome feedback on any of these resources, in terms of their suitability, ease of use, level of difficulty, etc. Pleae contact Peter directly (peter.hoare@ncl.ac.uk) with any questions or comments.


Download our free resources

We recommend that you download and read the Programme for each full-day workshop before you download and use the associated PowerPoints and Revision Notes Booklet.


AS/year 12 Revision Workshop

AS Workshop Programme (PDF: 212KB)
AS Workshop Powerpoint (AM) (PPT: 2852KB)
AS Workshop Powerpoint (PM) (PPT: 2594KB)
AS Revision Notes Booklet (DOC: 1044KB)

A2/year 13 Revision Workshop

A2 Workshop Programme (PDF: 124KB)
A2 Workshop Powerpoint (AM) (PPT: 3762KB)
A2 Workshop Powerpoint (PM) (PPT: 2351KB)
A2 Revision Notes Booklet (DOC: 2932KB)
A2 Spectroscopy Problems Booklet (PDF: 779KB)

A2 Revision Lecture - Transition Metals (March 2017)

A2 WMCTC Revision Lecture Powerpoint-TMs (PDF: 1131KB)
A2 WMCTC Revision Notes Booklet-TMs (PDF: 826KB)‌

A2 Revision Lecture - Acids, Bases & pH (March 2018)

A2 WMCTC Revision Lecture Powerpoint-pH (PDF: 952KB)
A2 WMCTC Revision Notes Booklet-pH (PDF: 726KB)

A2 Revision Lecture - Biomolecules (March 2019)

A2 WMCTC Revision Lecture Powerpoint-Biomolecules (PDF: 3217KB)
Video RL1 (4:59)
Video RL2 (2:42)
Video RL3 (1:07)
Video VA5 (1:58)
Video VC2 (1:54)‌

A2 Revision Lecture - Cells and Redox (POSTPONED UNTIL March 2021)

A2 WMCTC Revision Lecture PowerPoint-Electrochemistry (PPT: 1234KB) coming soon!
A2 WMCTC Revision Notes Booklet-Electrochemistry (PDF: 123KB) coming soon!