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KS1 Science Demonstrations

Type: Teacher's instructions for demonstration | Yr1-2

Curriculum Link: Everyday Materials

Curriculum Link: Plants

Curriculum Link: Humans and Animals

Type: Teacher's instructions for demonstration | Yr3-6

Curriculum Link: Forces

Curriculum Link: States of Matter

STEM Newcastle Blog

Read STEM-related articles and find instructions for science demonstrations you can try at home or in the classroom on the STEM Blog.

The Story of Earth Booklet

Type: A5 Booklet | Yr3-6
Our scintillating show tells the story earth from its very first day 4.6 billion years ago right the way through to the present day with a variety of exciting experiments along the way to try at home. The booklet is designed to accompany the Story of Earth Show but can be downloaded and used separately. 

Thinking Like a Scientist Poster

Type: A3 Poster | Yr5-6

Poster to illustrate the key messages of our Thinking Like a Scientist workshop: Predict, Experiment, Observe. Put this eye-catching poster up in your classroom as a reminder of how to think like a real scientist.