Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering

KS3 Science Workshops

Becoming a Street Scientist

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-9
This workshop gives students the chance to work together and practice some Street Science demonstrations. The group will learn what it takes to be a Street Scientist and their confidence will be boosted when they perform our favourite demonstrations to the rest of the class.

Curriculum Links
Physics: Forces; Sound Waves; Electricity; Light Waves.
Maths: Number

SAgE Outreach Becoming

Chemistry in your Shopping Basket

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-8
This presentation is designed to raise awareness of chemistry and potential careers in chemistry through the idea that chemistry is involved in everything around us.

Curriculum Links
Chemistry: The particle nature of matter; Chemical reactions; Materials

SAgE Outreach Chemistry World

CSI Newcastle

2-3hrs | up to 40 students | Yr7-9
Students are tasked with solving a crime. They must work through different subject activities in Humanities and Social Sciences; Medical Sciences and Science and Engineering to gather clues and uncover the culprit.

Curriculum Links
Biology: Genetics and Evolution
Maths: Algebra

SAgE Outreach CSI

Disease Dash

45-60mins | up to 40 students | Yr7-13
A medical science orientated board game to be played in groups of four or more. The aim of the game is to stop your disease pathogen evolving before the other teams!

Food and Human Nutrition Activity

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-11
Provides insight into what studying the subject is like at university and encourages students to think about what is in their food before they perform an investigation based around vitamin C.

Curriculum Links
KS3 Biology: Content of a healthy diet; Energy calculations; Organs of the digestive system
KS4 Biology: Health, disease and the development of medicines.

Forensic Psychology

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-13
An overview of forensic psychology, offender profiling, psychopathy and eyewitness testimony.

Sweet Science

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-9
Discover the science behind making honeycomb, ice cream and sherbet. The workshop also explores the psychology of tasting, the evolutionary reasons for our love of sugar and what happens when we eat too much sugar.

Curriculum Links
Biology: Genetics and Evolution; Nutrition and digestion
Chemistry: The particle nature of matter; Chemical reactions; Energetics.

SAgE Outreach Sweet Science

Genetics and Disease

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr9-13
This workshop covers the basics of genetics, PCR and gel electrophoresis with a PCR practical.

Curriculum Links
KS3 Biology: Genetics and Evolution 
KS4 Biology: Evolution, inheritance and variation; Health, disease and development of medicines.
KS5 Biology: Role of DNA to create proteins; Inheritance; Genetic Sequencing. 

It's Elementary, my Dear Watson!

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-11
This presentation looks at the properties, reactions and uses of a range of chemical elements. It includes an interactive PowerPoint presentation with electronic voting handsets, spectacular demonstrations and some audience participation.

STEM Outreach

How Long is a Piece of String?

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-9
Physics is often described as the study of the really big or the really small. This workshop explores these concepts and everything in between.

Curriculum Links
Physics: Space Physics; Describing Motion.
Chemistry: Earth and Atmosphere; Atoms, elements and compounds. 

SAgE Outreach How Long

Maths Murder Mystery

1hr | 40 students | Yr7-9
A maths-based game that is fun, challenging and encourages use of initiative. Groups of students are confronted with a murder mystery to solve which requires lateral thinking and a unique approach.

Curriculum Links
Maths: Ratio, proportion and rates of change; Solve problems.
Physics: Describing motion 

SAgE Outreach Maths Murder

The Brain Game

75-90mins | up to 40 students | Yr8-11
Interactive session during which students learn about different areas of the brain and work through fun activities to understand its many functions. Students will also make a brain hat, which they can keep to further their learning and understanding.

Curriculum Links
KS3 Biology: Hierarchial organisation of multicellular organisms.
KS4 Biology: Structure and function of human nervous system.

The "Tooth" about Dentists

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-9
An overview of the varied role of a dentist. Students will also learn about the sugar content of certain products and practise tooth filling and building a crown.

Curriculum Links
Biology: Human digestive system

Sport Science Workshop

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-11
Introduction to what Sport Science is like at unviersity with ECG, pulse oximeter and peak flow meter practical

Curriculum Links
KS3 Biology: Interaction between muscles and the skeleton; Gas exchange systems and respiration. 
KS4 Biology: Lifestyle factors in non-communicable disease; Human circulatory system; Cellular respiration

Strawberry DNA

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-9
DNA extraction from a strawberry using mostly household materials. This practical session can be delivered in a lab or a classroom.

Curriculum Links
Biology: Genetics and Evolution

Saving Our Seas

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-9
Find out how marine animals have adapted to such extreme environments and what happens to them when humans impact their habitats.

Curriculum Links
Biology: Interactions and interdependencies; Genetics and Evolution. 

Colourful Chemistry

1hr | up to 250 students | Yr7-13
A demo lecture displaying some of the brightest and more spectacular chemical reactions.

STEM Outreach

Ask Our Students

1hr | up to 300 students | Yr3-12
Invite Newcastle University students from a range of subject areas to talk to your students and answer their questions. This may be useful for A Level Biology students who aren't sure of the difference between studying Biology, Animal Science or Zoology or perhaps a chance for KS3 pupils to learn about the different types of engineering or even for a year 6 class to find out what real scientists do.

Ask Our Students
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