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KS4-5 Biology Workshops

Unfortunately, we are not able to visit schools and deliver our full catalogue of activities at the moment. We have adapted selected workshops to be delivered virtually via Teams or Zoom, all of these are listed below.

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Extraordinary Evolution

60-90mins | up to 40 students | Yr10-12
Taking evolution back to the basics of DNA -we’ll look at how DNA programmes our bodies and what happens when mistakes, known as mutations, occur. We’ll find out how these mutations drive evolution and allow animals to become better adapted to their habitats with some classic examples and interactive activities. Students will get the chance to dig into our own past and look at our ancestors by studying their fossilised skulls.

Curriculum Links
KS4 Biology: Evolution, inheritance and variation; Health, disease and the development of medicines.
KS5 Biology: Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms; Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems. 

Why Apply to...

30-45mins | up to 250 students | Yr12-13
This series includes 8 individual presentations on courses from our Faculty of Medical Sciences. Each includes information about studying the subject, exciting research and career prospects. Choose from the following presentations:

Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Food and Human Nutrition, Medical Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Sport and Exercise Science

Zoological Discoveries

1hr | up to 60 students | Yr10-13
Discover what a Zoology degree involves and why it is important for us to study and protect animals. The workshop involves an interactive classification quiz, a sample of some behavioual studies and a conservation activity. 

Curriculum Links
Science: Genetic information, variation and relationship between organisms; Organisms respond to changes in their external and internal environments; Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems.

Ask Our Students

1hr | up to 300 students | Yr3-12
Invite Newcastle University students from a range of subject areas to talk to your students and answer their questions. This may be useful for A Level Biology students who aren't sure of the difference between studying Biology, Animal Science or Zoology or perhaps a chance for KS3 pupils to learn about the different types of engineering or even for a year 6 class to find out what real scientists do.

Ask Our Students
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