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KS4-5 Chemistry Workshops

Unfortunately, we are not able to visit schools and deliver our full catalogue of activities at the moment. We have adapted selected workshops to be delivered virtually via Teams or Zoom, all of these are listed below.

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Ask Our Students

1hr | up to 300 students | Yr3-12
Invite Newcastle University students from a range of subject areas to talk to your students and answer their questions. This may be useful for A Level Biology students who aren't sure of the difference between studying Biology, Animal Science or Zoology or perhaps a chance for KS3 pupils to learn about the different types of engineering or even for a year 6 class to find out what real scientists do.

Ask Our Students

Chemistry of the Senses

1hr | up to 250 students | Yr10-13
This presentation involves all our senses - sight, sound, taste, smell and touch through some spectacular demonstrations and audience participation.

STEM Outreach

Chemistry Smells

30-60mins | up to 30 students | Yr5-13
Via a ‘nose-on’ experience, in this workshop students will examine a number of everyday household products. Will they be able to recognise them just from their smell? In the longer workshop (60 mins), students can build a molecule model of their favourite smell using Molymod© kits.

Curriculum Links
Chemistry: The Particulate Nature of Matter; Pure & Impure Substances.

chemistry smells

Colourful Chemistry

1hr | up to 250 students | Yr7-13
A demonstration lecture, originally written for the UNESCO International Year of Light in 2015, showing how light and our perception of colour are fundamental to our daily lives, via some colourful and spectacular chemical reactions.

STEM Outreach

It's Elementary, my Dear Watson!

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-11
This presentation looks at the properties, reactions and uses of a range of chemical elements. It includes an interactive PowerPoint presentation with electronic voting handsets, spectacular demonstrations and some audience participation.

STEM Outreach

Food and Human Nutrition Activity

1hr | up to 40 students | Yr7-11
Provides insight into what studying the subject is like at university and encourages students to think about what is in their food before they perform an investigation based around vitamin C.

Curriculum Links
KS3 Biology: Content of a healthy diet; Energy calculations; Organs of the digestive system
KS4 Biology: Health, disease and the development of medicines.

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase (SIAS)

1-2hrs | up to 40 students | Yr10-13

We bring portable IR and/or 1H NMR spectrometers into your school or college and give students hands-on experience of running and interpreting spectra for both A Level Chemistry and BTEC Applied Sciences courses. There is also a shorter (30-60min) workshop suitable for KS4/GCSE. This is a Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) scheme which we deliver across the North East and Cumbria (and sometimes further afield!).

Please book directly through the RSC via this link:

Curriculum Links
Chemistry: Organic Chemistry; Analysis; Spectroscopy.


Renewable Energy: Driving the Future of Transport?

45-60mins | up to 40 students | Yr10-13
This workshop covers the current issues and solutions for sustainable energy sources for transport. The internal workings of current car engines and the sources of potential future fuels are explored, via some exciting demonstrations. Students will have the opportunity to build their own hydrogen-powered model car and to consider current advances in electric vehicles and why they are currently a more popular choice than hydrogen.

Curriculum Links
Chemistry: Fuels; Combustion; Energy; Electrolysis.
Physics: Energy, Renewable energy; Electricity.

hydrogen car

Saved by the Gel

1hr | up to 30 students | Yr9-13
A workshop that explores a career in pharmacy, introducing pupils to the roles that a pharmacist has as well as make their own pharmaceutical gel! Explores both the clinical and scientific side of pharmacy.

Curriculum links:
KS3/4: Atoms, elements and compounds, health
KS4: Bonding, structures and the properties of matter, infection and response
KS5: Biology molecules and cells, Organic chemistry

STEM Outreach - Saved by the Gel
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