Spatial Analytics and Modelling



The Spatial Analytics and Modelling (SAM) initiative is a new £2m investment by Newcastle University. The vision is to create a world-leading team for spatial analytics building on existing research expertise at Newcastle.

The group will forge a more connected and trans-disciplinary spatial science. This will provide holistic and integrated understanding and ability to manage complex social, economic, engineering and technical phenomenon in time and space.

SAM at Newcastle will bring together four chairs and four post-doctoral research assistants to connect:

  • Geography and the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics and Statistics

This new research group shows the value of collaboration between the faculties of Humanities, Arts and Social Science (HASS) and Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE).

The SAM team will develop the next generation of computational spatio-temporal analytics, models and visualisation techniques required to tackle trans-disciplinary global challenges. This will be achieved through close collaboration with the internationally renowned expertise of:

  • Computing Science
  • the Digital Institute
  • a new £30m National Institute for Smart Data Innovation (NISDI)

For further information contact Professor Andy Pike.