Information for Schools and Colleges

Individual Bookings

Bookings for Individual Students

For events where individual students can book a place, the following criteria will be taken into account if the event is oversubscribed. Students who meet one or more of the following criteria will be allocated a place.

Student's postcode

If a student lives in a neighbourhood which has a:

  • low progression rate to Higher Education*
  • high level of financial, economic or social deprivation

*In 2013 HEFCE released an updated dataset, POLAR 3, to indicate the participation rates of young people in Higher Education (HE) by postcode. These are classified into five ‘quintiles’, with 1 being the lowest rate of participation. HEFCE officially recognises Quintiles 1 and 2 as ‘widening participation' (WP) areas.

Student's school/college

If a student currently attends a:

  • school or college where the number of students achieving either:
    • five or more GCSEs A* to C, including Mathematics and English, is 35% or less
    • the average QCA points score per student is 550 or less (School performance data for GCSE and post-16 are those quoted by the DFE for 2014)
  • school with an Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) score greater than 80% and/or Free School Meals (FSM) score greater than 25%a ‘green’ banded school

Other circumstances

Other circumstances apply if a student:

  • has experienced local authority care for a period of longer than three months
  • is in receipt of, or entitled to, Free Schools Meals and/or discretionary school/college payments, which are directly related to financial hardship
  • is from an ethnic minority group
  • has a registered disability

For residential events only

Please note that for residential events, eligibility criteria will always be applied. In the case that an event is still oversubscribed, the number and type of eligibility criteria met will be taken into account when allocating places.

For our residential events extenuating circumstances will be considered alongside the criteria above. Academic attainment may also be taken into account – see individual event pages for further details.

Social, economic or educational disadvantage affecting the individual student at key educational times will be taken into consideration. Full, verifiable details must be provided.

Parental experience of higher education and parental occupation will also be taken into account.