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On-campus events

On-campus events

Bring your students to visit Newcastle University for the day


Book your visit for the 2023/24 academic year now! Build a Newcastle University outreach event that works for you and your students.

We’re offering over 20 interactive sessions suitable for years 7-13 that you can choose from to create a bespoke one-day event.

Activities are delivered by our recent graduates and/or current undergraduates so your students will hear first-hand experiences of the application process.

Throughout the year we organise a range of events based on our campus that will complement and add value to your students' learning experience. The themes that we cover at these events vary depending on the students' age and their subject of interest.

When can you visit?

We can arrange your event at a time and date that suits you, staff and resource permitting.

Current availability:

  • We have availability on the following dates for post-16 events:
    • 2nd June
    • 12th June
  • Bookings are open now throughout the 2023/24 academic year. We recommend getting your event booked early.

When you enquire about your booking, please give details of your preferred date, along with some alternatives and we'll do our best to book you in at a time that suits you.

Event aims

Our event aims include:

  • Introduce students to university life and the range of subjects available to study
  • Allow students to explore different subjects in detail working with current students and leading academics and researchers
  • Provide relevant information at key decision-making times to ensure students can make an informed decision about their futures
  • Inform students of the kinds of skills they will need to be successful at university
  • Improve students' motivation to work harder to reach their educational goals
  • Increase students' confidence in their ability to apply to university

What sessions can students take part in?

We can deliver a range of sessions that suit your school's needs. Available sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Study skills
  • Student finance
  • Applying: the UCAS process
  • Choosing the right course and university

Use the tabs above to see the full range of activities available.

How to book

Use the tabs above to view what sessions are available and complete the booking form.

Health and Safety

Please find our Risk Assessment and code of conduct below: 

Help with costs

We can help with the cost of bringing your students to campus.

Year 7-11 activities

What a typical day for your students may look like...

We start each day at 10:00 am by getting students to sit down and introduce them to our Student Ambassadors (who currently study at the university). Student ambassadors then lead a couple of icebreaker games in groups.

We then jump straight into our interactive ‘What is Uni?’ talk, introducing the students to higher education and what it has to offer. This talk is tailored to each individual year group.

After the ‘What is Uni?’ talk, this is where the session becomes customisable for your students! You can choose from a range of activities depending on your aims for the day.

Following the first activity, students get to explore Newcastle University through an interactive campus tour.

Then, after the Campus Tour, it’s time for a lunch break!

After lunch, choose more activities for your students before we say goodbye at 14:30.

See the available optional activities below, grouped by year:

You can find our upcoming on-campus activities below:

Years 12-13 activities

What your sixth formers can expect when they visit us.

 Our Talk and Tour days usually start from 10am, where we will greet your group and welcome you to campus. We usually arrange for the day to be held in a traditional ‘university-style’ lecture theatre, so your pupils can get a taste of student life!

We’ll then deliver a presentation of your choice from our available outreach sessions, and this usually lasts around an hour, with time for questions.

After the presentation, we split the group for the campus tours, led by our friendly Student Ambassadors - all current Newcastle University students. Your pupils will see the majority of campus, including the Philip Robinson Library, Student Union, Sports Centre and some of our Accommodation sites. Pupils are encouraged to ask our Student Ambassadors questions along the way.

Then, after the Campus Tour, it’s time for a lunch break. With your permission, pupils may go into town (5-minute walk from campus) to purchase something to eat, or they can choose to stay on campus and eat their own packed lunch.

After the lunch break, we invite students back into the lecture theatre for a university-themed interactive quiz. This is designed to test their knowledge of what they have learned that day, with a few fun questions about Geordie life thrown in!

We finish the day with a quick evaluation questionnaire before the day finishes and you head home at 2pm.

See the available optional presentations below, grouped by year:

Book your visit

Use our form to make the first step in booking a visit to campus.

Complete our form to book a visit for a school group to Newcastle University. Once completed a member of our Outreach team will be in touch to confirm the details and booking.

Visit Bursary

Once you've booked your on-campus visit, don't forget to claim your travel costs via the visit Bursary.

Additional events

In addition to events that you can book for your school group, there are a host of events that your students can book directly.

These events include:

  • Open Days
  • Campus Tours
  • Bitesize Uni: our year 12 residential summer school
  • Remote pop-up events
  • One-day events for years 12 & 13

We also host a library of resources to support students with their application to University.

Please share the following page with your students, which contains more information about what's coming up and resources available: