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PARTNERS Programme

PARTNERS Programme

Newcastle University's Supported Entry Route


Receive a lower conditional offer to study at Newcastle University via the PARTNERS Programme.


The PARTNERS Programme has been running since the year 2000 and is one of the most well-established supported entry routes to Higher Education of its kind.

Over 5000 students have studied at Newcastle University via the PARTNERS Programme. It offers a range of support and opportunities to help you make a successful application to Newcastle University.

Through the PARTNERS Programme you could:

  • Receive a lower conditional offer to Newcastle University
  • Attend the PARTNERS Academic Summer School
  • Develop skills necessary to be a successful student
  • Meet other students and increase your confidence
  • Receive support through the application process, on results day and after entering the University

Courses Available

All of our undergraduate degree programmes are available through the PARTNERS Programme.

We offer over 200 undergraduate degree programmes at Newcastle University. All are available through the PARTNERS Programme supported entry route.

If the course you are applying for has any additional selection processes, such as an interview or portfolio submission, you still need to go through this process before any offer may be made.

Entry Requirements via PARTNERS

For most courses, the PARTNERS offer is three grades lower than the typical offer, however it does vary for each course.

Your Journey

Find out about your journey to Newcastle University via the PARTNERS Programme.

Throughout the application process, there will be a series of activities available to help you apply to Newcastle University and prepare for the PARTNERS Academic Summer School.

We will be updating this timetable throughout the admissions process, with further details about when you can take part in the Programme and when you will receive key information.

What's coming up...

Wednesday 23 September 2020 Instagram Q&A Your chance to find out more about PARTNERS, with members of the PARTNERS Team, and former students available via Instagram to answer your questions. Coming soon...
Thursday 15 October 2020 UCAS Deadline! If you're applying to Medicine or Dentistry, make sure to submit your UCAS & PARTNERS applications by this date.  
Friday 15 January 2021 UCAS Deadline! All UCAS & PARTNERS applications must be submitted by this date.  
28 June - 9 July 2021 PARTNERS Academic Summer School PASS will fall within this date range, exact dates are currently TBC.

Attendance at the Summer School forms part of the Lower PARTNERS Offer, so make sure to keep these dates free!
Monday 16 August 2021 PARTNERS Results Day

You will receive your result from the Summer School, to confirm whether you've met this condition of your offer to study at Newcastle University.

You can also chat to the PARTNERS Team via an online Q&A.

Sent to PARTNERS students via email
Thursday 19 August 2021 A Level Results Day Check your UCAS Track account to see whether your offer to study at Newcastle University has been confirmed.  

*Dates are provisional.


Chat to a PARTNERS Student now about their experiences of the PARTNERS Programme and Newcastle University in general.

We have a range of students available to chat via the Unibuddy platform. Each of the following students took part in the PARTNERS Programme when they applied to Newcastle University. You may want to ask about:

  • What it was like to take part in the Summer School.
  • What opportunities they have taken advantage of as PARTNERS students.
  • What it's like to study at Newcastle University.

Chat to a PARTNERS student


Use our FAQs to answer some of the common queries regarding the PARTNERS Programme.

You may find it useful to use the 'Find' function on your browser (using Control  +F on Windows or Command+F on Mac) to find the answer to your question. If your query is not answered below, please contact us.

Do you consider disruption to education caused by Coronavirus as personal extenuating circumstances?

No, we are unable to consider the general disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic as personal extenuating circumstances. This is recognising that all students across the country have been affected by this. However, if you consider the impact of Coronavirus on your personal circumstances to be extreme then we may be able to make an exception. Circumstances we would consider include:

  • you have experienced serious illness and spent a prolonged period in hospital as a result of Coronavirus
  • you have suffered a close family bereavement due to Coronavirus
  • you have significant caring responsibilities as a result of Coronavirus (e.g. caring for someone extremely clinically vulnerable/shielding)
  • it has created or exacerbated a very difficult or dangerous living situation

Contact the team via email and we will consider circumstances on a case by case basis. Please note, you and your referee must be willing to detail your circumstances and in some instances may be asked to provide supporting evidence to determine your eligibility.

Can I apply for PARTNERS if I am taking a gap year?

Yes, you can apply to PARTNERS after you have left school/college. You will need to ask a former teacher/tutor to verify your PARTNERS application so please do bear this in mind. Please also factor in attendance at the PARTNERS Academic Summer School into your gap year plans.

I am applying for deferred entry, can I still apply through PARTNERS?

Yes you can, but please keep in mind that you must attend the Academic Summer School in the year that you apply.

I am unable to attend the Summer School as I already have a holiday booked, can I still apply through PARTNERS?

100% attendance at the PARTNERS Academic Summer School is compulsory as successful completion would make up part of your offer to study at Newcastle University. Unfortunately, we can only make exceptions in cases of extreme personal circumstances where evidence is provided for example in the form of a doctor’s note. Students are made aware of the dates of the Summer School at the point of application.

My school in’t listed on the website. Does this mean I can’t apply?

You can still apply.

The list of schools on our website means that a student attending one of these and applying for PARTNERS would be automatically eligible for the scheme. Although we have never put a cap on the number of students who can apply for the programme, due to the implications on numbers we do have to manage the number of automatically eligible schools.

If your school is not listed on this page, students from your school would still be able to apply for the scheme if they meet one of our other eligibility criteria.

I'm a mature student, can I apply to the PARTNERS Programme?

Yes. The PARTNERS Programme is open to all applicants to all of our undergraduate degree programmes, regardless of age. To take part in PARTNERS, you must meet one (or more) of the eligibility criteria and all of the essential conditions.

I've forgotten to add the 'P' to my UCAS form. What should I do?

If you've already submitted your UCAS form, but forgotten to add the 'P', please contact us to let us know, including your name, course and UCAS number in your email. We will add this detail retrospectively, to notify the admissions team that you are applying through PARTNERS.

When do I apply to PARTNERS?

You should submit your application to the PARTNERS Programme at the same time as you submit your UCAS application. For students in sixth form/college, this would be in year 13/second year of college.

My referee is not available on the application form, what should I do?

Check with your teacher that they are happy to act as your referee, then email us (via with the following information:

  • Your school/college's name and postcode
  • Your referee's name
  • Your referee's job title
  • Your referee's email address

Upon receipt of this information, we'll add your referee to the system, so that they appear on the PARTNERS application form.

Teacher Resources

You can use these resources to help promote the PARTNERS Programme to students at your school/college.

The PARTNERS Programme is available for applications from any student that lives in the UK. The resources below are available to help you to promote this opportunity to students at your school/college.

Book a PARTNERS Talk

Our outreach team is available throughout the year to deliver a PARTNERS talk to students in years 12 & 13.

Aimed at raising awareness of the Programme amongst your students, the talk is also flexible and can last between 20 to 60 minutes, depending upon your requirements.

In line with current safe working conditions, we are able to deliver events online if necessary. Alternatively, you can use the video below to introduce the Programme to your students.

Please get in touch with us via email and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability.

How to Become a PARTNERS Referee

If you need to be set up as a PARTNERS referee so that you can verify your student's application to the Programme, please email us (via with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Your school/college & postcode
  • Your email address

Upon receipt of this information, we'll set you up on the PARTNERS Programme application platform.

You can find out what we do with your data, how we keep it safe, and how you can exercise your data rights, by reading our updated Privacy Notices.

Referee Guidance

In order to successfully process a student’s application to the PARTNERS Programme, it must be verified by a referee. The referee should be a member of staff who is familiar with the applicant and can verify the details within the student’s application.

If you have been selected as a referee, please follow our guidance to verify your student’s application:

PARTNERS Introduction Video

The following video has been produced by the PARTNERS Team to introduce the Programme to prospective students. It covers key aspects of the Programme, including:

  • The Academic Summer School
  • The eligibility criteria
  • How to apply
PARTNERS Programme - 2021 Entry