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How to Apply

How to Apply

Follow our step-by-step guidance to apply to the PARTNERS Programme. To find out more about 2021 entry via the PARTNERS Programme, once the information is available, sign up below.

Applications to the PARTNERS Programme are available for students in year 13/second year college, at the same time as you apply to university via UCAS. Applications for 2021 entry will open in September 2020.

Complete this short form to receive a notification via email when applications open:

If you're in year 13/second year college, follow our step-by-step guidelines to apply for the Programme.

Step one

Check the PARTNERS Programme eligibility criteria and/or contact us.

Step two

Complete a UCAS form adding the letter 'P' in the 'Further Details' section next to the PARTNERS degree programme(s).

We will not be able to process your PARTNERS application until your UCAS application is fully complete as we need your predicated grades, submitted by your teacher/tutor, to be able to fully assess your eligibility. Therefore, don't submit your PARTNERS application form until you are at the stage to also submit your UCAS form to UCAS.

The 'P' enables our admissions staff to identify PARTNERS applicants. You can apply for up to five courses at Newcastle University through the PARTNERS programme.

NB. If you're directly applying to one of our courses based at Newcastle University London, please let us know via email so that your PARTNERS application can be taken into account along with your application to Newcastle University London.

Step three

While completing the application form, you must select the most relevant member of staff in your school/college to verify your details. If your referee is not available to select, please contact us.

To complete the PARTNERS Programme Online Application you must ensure that you have your UCAS number to hand as you will need to enter this into the form.

In addition to meeting the relevant UCAS application deadlines for your UCAS form, PARTNERS applications must also be submitted by the relevant deadline.

Dentistry (A206) & Medicine (A100)

  • Deadline: 12 noon, 31 October 2019
  • We are not able to process any additional applications to Medicine (A100) or Dentistry (A206) for 2020 entry.

Applicants to all other courses

  • Deadline: 15 January 2020
  • If you've submitted your UCAS application to Newcastle Uinversity by the UCAS deadline, we may be able to asses your application to the PARTNERS Programme. Please contact us at to find out more information.

Step four

The member of school/college staff you selected as a referee will then confirm your application and provide additional information where necessary. They will complete the reference and send the forms to us. 

Step five

The PARTNERS Team will make a decision as to whether you will be provisionally accepted onto the Programme based on the eligibility criteria

You will be kept up-to-date with the process of your application via email. Please note: If your junk mail filters are set high, the emails we send will go straight into your junk email folder, so please don’t forget to check this folder and then mark us as an approved email address.   

Step six

If you are provisionally accepted, admissions staff will consider your UCAS form and make a final decision as to whether to make you a PARTNERS offer. This will include the successful completion of the PARTNERS Academic Summer School and mean that you have been formally accepted onto the PARTNERS Programme.

In order to take advantage of the PARTNERS offer, you must make the PARTNERS offer your firm choice (CF) through UCAS. You may only make your PARTNERS offer your insurance choice (CI) if your CF is for another course at Newcastle University.

Step seven

You will then be invited to attend a number of PARTNERS Programme events, including the compulsory PARTNERS Academic Summer School.